Remove These 9 Items from Your Closet ASAP ...

You shouldn't leave your closet cluttered. There are plenty of things that it's time for you to throw out. According to Glamour, you should ditch these items ASAP:

1. Broken Hangers

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You don't need to keep them around for sentimental reasons, so why do you still have them? Toss them in the trash.

2. Anything Damaged beyond Repair

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It doesn't matter how much you love that old skirt. If it's filled with holes you won't end up sewing, then throw it out.

3. The Small Boxes Jewelry Comes in

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You know you're never actually going to use them, so why keep them around?

4. Empty Shoe Boxes

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Again, you're never going to use them.

5. Broken Jewelry

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If you can't wear it, you don't need to own it.

6. T-shirts with Underarm Stains

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If you can't wash those stains out, then you wouldn't be caught dead wearing them anyway.

7. Single Socks, Solo Earrings, Anything That's Mate-less

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You can't wear them without a match.

8. Shoes Too Beat up to See Another Day

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Sometimes, you need to know when you've gotten all of the use that you can out of an item.

9. Shoes That Ache the Minute You Put Them on

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Don't torture your poor feet.

Do you own any of these items?

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