9 Fall Fashion Essentials to Invest in Today ...

Some of us might be feeling a little blue now that summer is over and it's time to pack the sandals and bikini away for another year, but these fall fashion essentials should ignite that excitement within as we think of the wonderful ways in which we can look fabulous in the colder months. We may have spent the last couple of months showing a little more flesh than usual, but it's now time to grab some of these fall fashion essentials and rock the catwalk. Ok, the pavement.

1. Crazy Coats

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The robe coat might make you look as though you've just stepped out of the shower or that you're trying to emulate Hugh Heffner, but it will keep you super warm in the colder months. Oversize seemed to be the style of many of the coats and knits on the fall 2014 catwalk, so if you're not ready for a robe coat, a long super snuggly duvet coat will work just as well. Think bed wear as outerwear as one of this year's fall fashion essentials.

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