If You're in Your 20s It's Time to Toss These Things from Your Closet ...


If You're in Your 20s It's Time to Toss These Things from Your Closet ...
If You're in Your 20s It's Time to Toss These Things from Your Closet ...

Chances are that your closet is overflowing and that many of the items in there are things you no longer wear. Trust me, you are not alone. I've been meaning to clean my closet out for months. Now that you're in your 20's, there are lots of things in your closet that you need to get rid of. Not only will you look more grown up, but you'll have some room for great new clothes.

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Get Rid of Old Backpacks

You probably don't have any need for that old high school bag or the one you carried your college textbooks around in. Chances are you aren't carrying that much on a regular basis anymore. Swap out the big backpack for a smaller, more trendy one in a metallic or tartan shade. They'll look great with your new grown up wardrobe, but still be functional at the same time.


Worn out Shoes Need to Go

I have a hard time tossing shoes too. Even old, worn out ones. I always think I could get them repaired, but then I shove them back in my closet for another year until it's time to clean it out again. Instead of hanging on to shoes that have holes, are missing a sole or are broken, just get rid of them. Now you've got some room for new stylish kicks.


Sunglasses with No UV Protection Aren't Needed

Some of those cute novelty sunglasses you kept in your college dorm might not have UV protection, which means they aren't doing anything besides making you look cute. It's time to part with them in favor of more grown up shades that offer UVA and UVB protection when you're outside enjoying the sunshine.


Toss out Short, Tight Dresses

Those itty bitty dresses were great for your college clubbing days, but now that you're an adult, you probably don't need them anymore. You want to give off an impression of sophistication and glamour, not drunk college party girl. So toss those old tiny, tight dresses in favor of something a little looser. You can still show off what you've got, but with a little more fabric, which is great for work and play.


You Don't Need Thin Leggings

Leggings don't cost a lot, so go through what you have and toss out the saggy ones that are losing their color or are super thin and worn out. Instead of wearing those, choose some new, thicker ones that will last longer and look great for work or fun. Experts say you should also get a great pair of leather leggings. Cool, right?


You Can Get Rid of Old or Outdated Jewelry

If you're anything like me, your jewelry cabinet is packed with stuff, but you always choose the same few items. Instead of clogging up all that space, toss out old or outdated pieces so you have room for what you want to keep and maybe a few new things as well.


Shirts with Big Prints Should Go

There was a time when big, loud prints were in vogue, but they aren't so much anymore. Instead of waiting around for them to come back into style, toss them and gather a new collection of prints that are smaller and more understated. Shirts with small words are trending right now so look for a couple like that too.

Which of these items do you have in your closet? Are you going to toss them out today?

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