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7 Retro Swimsuits to Heat up Your Summer ...

By Amber

Summer is here and that means it’s time to bite the bullet and find a bathing suit. Every girl needs at least one good bathing suit to wear to the beach, the pool, or the lake. If you are dreading bathing suit shopping this year, you’re not alone. Most of us feel like a firing squad would be less torture than the dressing room mirrors and bright lights on our winter white thighs. Luckily, this year’s style is all about retro which means extra coverage for all the places you need to hide. Here are 7 retro swimsuits to heat up your summer. Try one or try them all to find a beautiful beach style that suits you and your body type.

1 Diving Miss Daisy

Diving Miss DaisyPrice: $89.99 at So cute! I love the vintage-inspired daisy print, and the fun, vivid colors! This suitie is modest enough for almost any body type, and would look darling with a retro-styled cover-up and floppy straw sun-hat.

2 Play It Pool Swimsuit

Play It Pool SwimsuitPrice: $44.99 at
This Italian inspired bikini is a perfect choice for women who are smaller on top. The ruffles are a fun accent that will add some volume to a flat chest. It can also work to balance out wider hips to create the illusion of that classic hour glass figure we all wish for. And since the top and bottom are sold separately, you can be sure you'll get a perfect fit!


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3 Sprinkle and Splash One-Piece

Sprinkle and Splash One-PiecePrice: $127.99 at This vintage swimsuit brings modesty and grace together. The fun polka dot print will remind you of your grandmother’s swimsuit, only with a new fashion twist (look at those pleats!). Be the belle of the beach in this sweet little number!

4 Motor Lodge Lovely One-Piece

Motor Lodge Lovely One-PiecePrice: $79.99 at
This black bathing suit will be slimming for any body type. The extra coverage is perfect for a heavier woman who wants to cleverly disguise extra weight in the hips and midsection. The beautiful halter cut keeps it youthful and fun... isn't the white trim cute?

5 Beach Blanket Bingo One-Piece

Beach Blanket Bingo One-PiecePrice: $89.99 at
Bring back the 1940’s with this retro inspired Sun Tank Style. Keep your look on the conservative side with this classic suit that leans generously on the extra coverage. No embarrassing cleavage moments will be had with this bathing suit.

6 Bathing Beauty One-Piece

Bathing Beauty One-PiecePrice: $89.99 at
Who would not want to sport this classic look? This suit speaks for itself, the classic beauty and timeless lines of this suit will leave mouths dropping around the pool. Is that Marilyn Monroe lounging under that umbrella? Nope… it’s you!

7 Bathing Beauty Swimsuit

Bathing Beauty SwimsuitPrice: $89.99 at
This halter top and skirted bottom will have you looking like a vintage pin-up girl. Wow the crowds as you float to your favorite tanning spot. Be careful, this modest suit may have you with more on-lookers than you had planned!

Wear one of these 7 retro swimsuits to heat up your summer. You don’t have to bear it all to be stunning by the pool! The retro look is all about coverage and class with just enough peak-a-boo to add some mystery to your beach look. Which retro bathing suit do you like best?

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