Splash out in Ridiculously Sexy Holiday Dresses ...

With December in full swing, shopping for sexy holiday dresses has pretty much become my M.O. From fun and flirty A-line silhouettes to super sultry shift dresses, there's something about finding a piece that is perfectly cut and shaped that makes my inner fashionista want to break out into song and dance. I don't know about you guys but rocking ridiculously hot dresses can definitely be a confidence booster. What's more is that adding a pair of slimming tights can be a total game changer. So, if you're heading to your friend's holiday party or want to plan ahead for New Year, these sexy holiday dresses (featuring a diverse price range) just may be right up your alley.

1. Scenic Road Trip Dress

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Get it here: modcloth.com

Let's all take a moment to marvel at how gorgeous the indigo top looks paired with the pine-green skirt; from its defined waist to the sophisticated sash, this definitely fits the bill as far as sexy holiday dresses go. The minute I laid eyes on this incredibly vibrant dress, I just knew that I had to own it! I'll definitely be putting this little number from Modcloth on rotation.

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