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Looking for prom dresses can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re a senior in high school with a lot on your plate, you have enough to worry about already without the added stress of finding a prom dress that you love. Plus, prom dresses can be expensive, giving you just another hurdle to jump before finding your perfect dress. Finding floral prom dresses when shopping online that’s both gorgeous and cheap may feel impossible, but with this list, I can guarantee you that you’ll find a dress you love in no time at all!

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Rent the Runway

I originally discovered Rent the Runway years ago, however, when I recently when on, I was so impressed by just how affordable the dresses were, and just how amazing the designers they offered were. If there was a celebrity who had a gorgeous red carpet look that you really loved this season, you may be able to find it on Rent the Runway!


JC Penney

If you’d rather go try on a dress before committing, I recommend JC Penney. You’ll probably be surprised by just how gorgeous their prom dresses are, and for amazing prices! I’ve actually bought a lot of dresses from JC Penney and everyone is always shocked when I tell them where I got it!


Go Jane

If you don’t have a typical aesthetic, it can be hard to find a prom dress that fits your personality. Rather than spend months scouring websites, look on Go Jane. If you have edgier style, I’m sure that you’ll find something you love. The Give it a Swirl Shiny Bodysuit is one of my favorites!



Promgirl can get a little pricey, but because they specialize in prom dresses, they have a wide variety when it comes to your price range. If you’re looking for a classic prom dress, you’ll find it on Promgirl. In fact, they even sell a prom dress that’s inspired by the new Cinderella movie. However, that dress does cost a fortune, so use the filters to help you find something more in your price range. They even offer an Under $100 section with dresses that are to die for!



If you’re a girl with retro taste, look no further than ModCloth. These dresses are new, affordable, and look like you came straight out of the 50s. Whether your prom is retro-themed or that’s just your favorite style, I’m sure you’ll find something on ModCloth that’s just right for you!


Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage is, well, unique. Not only do they offer a ton of vintage choices, but if you’re looking for something glitzier instead, they have an entire Prom shop that offers the latest and greatest trends in Prom fashion. Plus they offer a wide range of prices for you to pick from, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for affordable options.



When it comes down to it, everyone only gets one use, maybe a few uses if you’re lucky, out of a Prom dress. Save yourself some money and scour eBay for your perfect dress. You may be surprised by some of the great gems you’ll find on eBay!

Where are you looking for Prom dresses? Have you trouble finding something you love? Let other girls know where you think they should look in the comments!

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prom is everything 💖😄

Thank you!!! I'm so thankful for these your the best!

i got my dress for this year's prom at dillard's..there was the biggest dress selection i've ever seen for prom and mine ended up being only $200!

I bought my prom dress from Unique Vintage for only $50! (Though it was on sale when I first bought it) I feel like I don't have to worry about having the same dress as any other girl at prom, because my dress is so unique!

Promgirl! I ordered from there last year!

Very great and fantastic prom store

Thank you for this!!!

I always got my prom or homecoming dresses from Deb clothing store they used to be pretty cheap depending on the style you wanted and they range from prices I don't know what they are now but a few years ago they were really pretty dresses and decent prices and I even got my shoes and accessories from there too but I know a lot of my friends shopped around and got some from Gordmans or Dillards on sale

Oh my goodness, go on AliExpress. I know it's a little embarrassing, but I got two dresses there for only $40 each. They're good quality dresses and there are literally hundreds of different styles

In Dallas, there's a store called terry costa that has fancy dresses for cheaper than usual

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