23 Jaw Dropping Turquoise Ball Gowns ...


I have a thing for turquoise ball gowns because...well, just look at them. While I don't own one because I have no reason to wear one, I do love looking at them and thinking about all the occasions that would be good for wearing one. Maybe you have the prom coming up or you're headed to a fancy formal ball. You're the perfect person to be wearing a turquoise ball gown. Not only will you stand out because you won't be wearing red or black, but you'll never want to take it off.

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Purple Bling

Purple Bling Via Sexy Turquoise Quinceanera Dresses Ball ...
The turquoise color is fabulous, but the purple accents really make this dress something special.


Open Back

Open Back Via A Line Sweetheart Open Back ...
A little bit of skin peeking out on the back of your gown makes it worthy of many events.


Halter Style

Halter Style Via Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons ...
I love the sparkly halter design of this gown. What do you think of it?


Long and Flowing

Long and Flowing Via Behance
Obviously, you aren't going to be underwater in this dress, but you are going to love how floaty it feels.


Sparkly Design

Sparkly Design Via Modern Turquoise Quinceanera Dress Sweetheart ...
Every girl wants to sparkle and this dress gets the job done just right.


Simple and Elegant

Simple and Elegant Via Strapless Pleated Prom Dress by ...
This dress isn't as elaborate as some of the others, but it still makes a huge impact.


Hugs the Body

Hugs the Body Via grad 2k15
This dress will hug you in all the right places, but still look super sophisticated at the same time.


Ruffles All over the Skirt

Ruffles All over the Skirt Via nordstormdresses.com
This ball gown might top my list of favorites. The ruffles all over the skirt make it so stunning.


With Another Color

With Another Color Via Unique Quinceanera Dresses 2014 vestidos ...
You don't have to choose a dress that is all the same color. This white and turquoise creation is beautiful.


Crystal Bodice

Crystal Bodice Via dhgate.com
You'll be sparkling under the disco ball when you wear this dress.


A Vintage Feel

A Vintage Feel Via mybridaldress.com
This dress reminds me of Gone with the Wind. The black accents are perfect.


Beading on Top

Beading on Top Via US $209.99 2014 Floor-length Beading ...
This dress is ideal for a prom. Do you know someone who would love to have it?


Unique Design

Unique Design Via The 25 Game-Changing Dresses of ...
No one else will be wearing this ball gown. The color is fabulous, don't you think?


Satin and Tulle Skirt

Satin and Tulle Skirt The tulle on top of the satin gives this dress just the right amount of shine.


Sophistication at Its Best

Sophistication at Its Best Via La Femme 18497 Dress - ...
Here's a dress that would definitely turn some heads.


Lots of Design Elements

Lots of Design Elements Via ステラ・デ・リベロ stella de libero
There is a lot going on with this dress, which you might think would make it awful, but I think you'll agree that this dress is rocking it.


Black at the Waist

Black at the Waist Via Turquoise Ball Gown Sweetheart 15th ...
I love the way the black accents curve around the waist of this dress.


Cut up the Side

Cut up the Side Via Mac Duggal 10
Show a little bit of skin with this slitted skirt. Pretty, isn't it?


Strapless Drop Waist

Strapless Drop Waist Via unique-vintage.com
This dress has everything - sparkle, shine and a great silhouette.


Color Blocks

Color Blocks Via aliexpress.com
If you don't want to go all out turquoise, look for a dress like this one that has another color on top or bottom.


Off the Shoulder

Off the Shoulder Via Dεsιℊηs ιη Tєαℓ &Tυяqυσιѕє.
This would be perfect for a formal party or black tie event.


Lots of Sequins

Lots of Sequins Via linkedin.com
You can never go wrong with tons and tons of sequins. This dress shows them off just right.


Light Color

Light Color Via Paparazzi dress - Bright Fuchsia, ...
Opt for a lighter shade of turquoise if you want to keep things understated.

What's your favorite color of ball gown? I think these turquoise options will change your mind. Am I right? Which one is your favorite? Where would you wear it?

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These would be so pretty for prom dresses!

13 is a bit awkward

My favourite colour is turquoise ❤️

13 & 16 doesn't look good at all in my opinion

Loved every shade of turquoise presented.

I love 22!!

My favorite color


I love most of these dresses but would love also the post if here could be links or examples where to get these dresses.

Big skirts are not for me! Cute on other people but no no no.

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