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7 Sexy Sarongs for Summer Youve Got to Have ...

By Jennifer

Summer’s almost here, so close I can feel the warmth already. So while the rest of the world is scrambling for the cutest of the left-over swimsuits and cover-ups in a month or so, you’ll already be prepared, because you’ve already found your bikinis and sarongs for summer… haven’t you? If not, keep reading! Here are my picks for 7 sexy sarongs for summer you’ve got to have. Let’s go!

Table of contents:

  1. Halogen® pareo
  2. La blanca 'glimmer girl' sarong cover-up
  3. Miraclesuit® 'wild cat rollercoaster' pareo
  4. Miraclesuit® 'movin & groovin' pareo
  5. Echo 'surf's up' pareo
  6. Miraclesuit® 'animal attraction' scarf pareo
  7. Tarnish 'moroccan scroll' pareo

1 Halogen® Pareo

Price: $38.00 at
This one-size-fits-all sarong is a modest knee-length, and can be worn so many ways! I love the cool graphic print, which reminds me a little of zebra stripes. It would look gorgeous with a bold red bikini, or a basic black one-piece.

2 La Blanca 'Glimmer Girl' Sarong Cover-up

Price: $63.00 at
This tiny sarong is the perfect cover-up for strolling on the sand or on the boardwalk. It’s available in bubblegum pink or in sleek black, so it’s sure to match just about any swimsuit in your summer wardrobe. It’s so short and sassy and sexy!

3 Miraclesuit® 'Wild Cat Rollercoaster' Pareo

Price: $62.00 at
It’s a little too sheer to wear on its own, but this sarong for summer is perfect for wearing over your LBB (little black bikini). It’s long and flowing, and the animal print makes it a little sexier than demure.

4 Miraclesuit® 'Movin & Groovin' Pareo

Price: $62.00 at
So pretty! This midi-length pareo cover-up can be worn so many different ways, but looks made for wearing over your favorite white swimsuit. All that’s missing is a white sunhat or glam-girl shades, and a pair of straw-covered wedges.

5 Echo 'Surf's up' Pareo

Price: $42.00 at
It’s a scarf, it’s a sarong, it’s both! It’s also available in five color combinations, so you’re sure to find a match for your swimsuit. I love the coral and purple color combo, and the yellow and tan is so pretty, too!

6 Miraclesuit® 'Animal Attraction' Scarf Pareo

Price: $62.00 at
Look closely at the tropical flower print on this black sarong, and you’ll see a subtle animal print, too. Pair it with your favorite bathing suit for a beach-ready look that’s sure to get attention. It’s neutral, but not boring!

7 Tarnish 'Moroccan Scroll' Pareo

Price: $38.00 at
Inspired by the exotic prints of Morocco, this tiny beach cover-up comes in two color schemes, coral or blue, and looks great over so many swimsuits! Wear it with an armload of hammered silver bangles and a pair of leather gladiator wedges for a truly gorgeous Mediterranean look!

Now that you’ve seen this list of gorgeous multi-purpose sarongs for summer, which will you choose? Or have you seen another sarong you’ve just got to have? What suitie will you be rocking with it? Do tell!

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