7 Cute Swimsuit Ideas to Try This Summer ...


7 Cute Swimsuit Ideas to Try This Summer ...
7 Cute Swimsuit Ideas to Try This Summer ...

This year is one of the best in a while for cute swimsuit ideas for summer! I can’t wait to get a new suit with all the great options available this year. Fashionable, trendy, and cute too, these swimsuit are perfect for a variety of ladies! I also love that they are different than most designs up until now. This year, it’s all about bold prints that meet femininity, so embrace your inner goddess and pick out one of these cute swimsuit ideas!

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Print Meets Pink

Print Meets Pink With ruffled edges and pink details, this print bikini is one of my favorite cute swimsuit ideas for summer. It makes me feel pretty just looking at it! This top is also laced with fun details and enough coverage to play around of volleyball while you’re having fun in the sun.


Two Toned Bandeau Bikini

Two Toned Bandeau Bikini I love this suit for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it is simple, while also still being feminine. It also looks comfortable without looking old fashioned. The idea behind this trend is a simple variation of colors, just enough to be pretty to the eye, without too much fuss. Every girl should have a simple suit that is also stylish, even if you keep it just for backup!


Polka Dot Meets Animal Print

Polka Dot Meets Animal Print I’ve seen this style in a few different swimsuit magazines, and it is starting to grow on me! One wouldn’t usually pair two bold prints like animal print and polka dots together, but with bright hues and beach-friendly colors, it actually makes a pretty snazzy suit! Choose bold colors that work with your skin tones. I like turquoise and leopard paired together myself, as in this one pictured!


Go Vintage

Go Vintage If you’re a little more modest or just appreciate some stylish vintage flair, choose vintage suits this summer, which are popping up everywhere! You no longer have to wear a string bikini to be in style. Choosing a vintage suit like this one pictured is a great option that can still show off your curves, without being too old-fashioned.


Get Ruffled

Get Ruffled Ruffles are hot with swimwear this summer! Many suits are now even bearing ruffles to wear over your bum! This creates a feminine yet incredibly sexy look without too much exposure. I love this look myself, and hope to get a suit with a few ruffles this year. This style also suits curvy girls and straight girls, since it can either enhance a straight figure, or enhance the curves you’ve got naturally while still giving coverage.



Embellishments Many swimsuits are showing off little embellishments to enhance your swimsuit look this year. Some include gemstones, beads, rhinestones, lace and fringe. This style of suits is extremely popular and should be available everywhere in stores this summer. If flair is your thing, then this style is for you!


Floral Tankini

Floral Tankini The tankini is still a hot swimsuit style and it is now being adorned with floral prints to enhance the traditional style of this suit. Tankinis are great for a variety of shapes, heights and skin tones. With floral tones of all colors and varieties, this style will keep you looking feminine, while also still feeling sexy!

These are only a handful of the cute swimsuit ideas for summer I’ve seen so far. Popular sites for buying swimsuits with the trends mentioned here are Victoria’s Secret, Venus Swimsuits, Amazon, LuLu’s, and Zappos. You can find all of the links to these places in the sources below. What kind of swimsuit are you going to sport this summer?


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Where can I find the first swimsuit?! I'm in love with it!

Maybe a post about bathing suits for larger women?

Love # 4! To bad i baught my swimsuit a feuw weeks ago :'(

I don't have enough boob to rock it what do I do

Where can I get the last swimsuit?

Love the tankini vintage and the embellishment ones! I used to be plus size, but have lost a lot of weight but I still feel most comfortable in a tankini. Also I still have DD's so it's hard to find bikinis that hold it all in! Lol. These are great thanks heather Williams!

Where can I find number 7???

Where can I get the second

The first one is cute!

Loving the floral tankini and the vintage :D

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