22 Shades You Should Be Wearing Right Now ...


You know you're rocking the right pair of sunglasses when they not only upgrade your look, they also leave you feeling ultra sexy. But finding the best shades for your face isn't as easy as it sounds. In fact, it sometimes feels like an uphill battle. Here's the deal. When it shopping for sunglasses, it's all about choosing the frames that will complement your features. Once you've got your favorite sunnies locked down, you'll be hitting those streets like a style boss in no time.

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Round Sunglasses Can Instantly Add Flavor to Any Look

white,clothing,footwear,beauty,dress, Source: The Right Sunglasses According to


They Can Also Soften Strong Facial Features Depending on What Shape Your Face is

hair,clothing,lady,beauty,girl, Source: Daily Chic | Daily Chic


With Their Chic Hollywood Vibes, Oversized Stunners Will Upgrade Your Fashion Game Status to Expert

hair,clothing,blue,blond,beauty, Source: Summer Outfits That Will End


Two-Tone Shades Are Where It's at!

color,hair,face,pink,white, Source: Wildfox Launches Marie Antoinette Inspired


The Cat Eye Look is Super Trendy, Timeless and Flattering

eyewear,sunglasses,color,hair,glasses, Source: Micah Gianneli | Layered


The Retro-Inspired White and Gold-Toned Metal Frames Really Make the Look

eyewear,sunglasses,hair,glasses,face, Source: Vivian


You Can't Go Wrong with Black Oversized and round Sunglasses

eyewear,sunglasses,hair,glasses,vision care, Source: Karen Walker Super Duper Strength


The Design for These Prada Baroque Sunglasses is Absolutely Stunning and Fashion Forward

eyewear,hair,sunglasses,glasses,vision care, Source: Prada 'Baroque' 55mm Round Sunglasses


Gold Cat Eye Shades Are Always a Good Idea!

eyewear,sunglasses,hair,face,glasses, Source: nytimes.com


Good News! the Metallic Trend is Really Taking off

hair,clothing,woman,supermodel,beauty, Source: easy summereasy summer - Lovely


Classic Black is Always a Simple Yet Hot Choice

clothing,jacket,footwear,leather,fashion, Source: The Right Sunglasses According to


These Oversized Metallic Frames Are so Outrageous That They Just Might Work!

eyewear,hair,glasses,human hair color,vision care, Source: Reformation


Can You Handle How Sexy These Animal Print Frames Are?

hair,photograph,clothing,blue,beauty, Source: ACHE Magazine January 2014 #ClippedOnIssuu


Fact: Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses Are Tres Chic

eyewear,hair,clothing,sunglasses,glasses, Source: 9 Looks That Prove Cat-Eye


These Lovely Gems Are Very Futuristic

eyewear,hair,glasses,face,vision care, Source: Luxure Magazine - The Culture


Aviators Complement Oval and Square Shaped Faces Really Well

eyewear,hair,face,clothing,glasses, Source: 24 Colorful Hairstyles to Inspire


Neutral Colors Will Bring Your Outfit to the Next Level

eyewear,face,glasses,clothing,vision care, Source: vintage


These round Tortoise Shell Sunnies Combine Three Trends in One Shiny Package

eyewear,sunglasses,hair,glasses,face, Source: Style Inspiration - The Simply


These Shades Are Great for Those Days Where Your Brows Aren't on Fleek (Yes, I Went There)

, Source: les temps sont durs pour


Every Style Maven Needs at Least One Pair of 'Wacky' but Trendy Shades

eyewear,hair,color,human hair color,red, Source: Extreme Braiding: The Serpent Plait


Miranda Kerr's Sexy Look is Totally Giving Me Life Right Now

eyewear,sunglasses,hair,face,glasses, Source: Miranda Kerr Style Guide


The Reflection That These Sunnies Give off is so on Point

, Source: spelldesigns.com

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cant wait to rock my chloe sunglasses!

I prefer Oakley's and Ray Bans, especially in tortoise shell markings.

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