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Shopping Tips for Buying a Strapless Bra ...

By Alicia

Shopping for a strapless bra isn’t easy. It seems like the selection is limited as well as the colors you can choose from. Don’t let frustration take over, though. With these tips, you can find a strapless bra you love.

1 Go for Quality

It’s a good idea to go with your favorite brand when you’re buying a strapless bra. If it works for you in regular bras then there’s a good chance it’ll work for you in a strapless bra. It’s tempting to skimp on a strapless bra because you don’t wear it often but resist that temptation! Investing in a brand that works pays off in the long run. It could be that buying a quality strapless bra now will save you from buying 2 more in the future.

2 Try It on

Yes, I know, it’s a pain. I agree. But it’s much better than getting home and realizing that the size you thought would work doesn’t. Save yourself the hassle of returning your purchase and try it on. You’ll be glad you did.

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3 Go for Nude

It can be a difficult decision. Should you go for a white, black or colored strapless? If you’re buying more than one then feel free to choose whatever you love. But if you’re like me and really only want one that works with everything then go with nude. Nude is designed to melt into your skin tone so it can go with anything. Very fair skinned girls may need ivory while darker skinned beauties may need black; go with whatever your personal nude is.

4 Consider a Convertible Bra

A convertible bra may be the right choice for you. This is a bra that can be worn different ways. It may work as a racerback, strapless or for clothing with only one shoulder coverage. These are wonderful bras, but they aren’t always easy to find. If you’re lucky enough to find one that works for you then enjoy!

5 Wear a Loose Top

It’s best to wear a loose top when you go strapless bra shopping. If you wear a snug or fitted top then you won’t be able to tell if your strapless bra is truly staying in place. A loose top allows you to gauge that better. It also gives you a better opportunity to see how visible the strapless bra is through clothing or if it gaps or bulges anywhere. Those are common problems with strapless bras.

6 Look for Silicone Grip Strips

Have you ever noticed these? They’re clear bits of silicone that are made to help your strapless bra stay in place better. It’s true that they’re not very comfortable, but they work well. Try on some with and without silicone grips and you’ll notice a difference. Of course, you can always go with a strapless bra without grip strips if you find them unbearable.

7 Check the Return Policy

It’s always good to get the low down on a store’s return policy. Buyer’s regret is real, including for strapless bras. You may think you love a bra in the store but decide it isn’t working once you get it home. It’s reassuring to know you can bring return your purchase without a hassle. When you know your store has a good returns policy then you’ll feel more confident shopping there.

These are 7 tips to help you find a strapless bra you love. Do you have one that’s amazing? Share what you love in a strapless bra!

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