Clever and Simple Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Bra ...


Clever and Simple Tricks to Extend  the Life of Your Bra ...
Clever and Simple Tricks to Extend  the Life of Your Bra ...

Don’t you hate when a favorite bra wears out too quickly? Bummer, right? With these tricks you can make your favorite bra, as well as all the rest of your bras, have a longer life. This saves you money and lets you hang onto bras you love.

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Check Your Bra Adjustments

This is something that’s often neglected when you think of ways to extend the life of your bra. Check your bra adjustments. If your bra isn’t adjusted correctly, it can strain the bra and make it stretch out. Look in the mirror when you adjust your bra. If you have lumps, bumps, indentations and riding up in the wrong places then you’re due for an adjustment or maybe even need a different size.


Use Gentle Detergent & Skip the Bleach

Bras are fragile. That’s why you need to wash them with gentle detergent. You certainly don’t want to use the same strong detergent you use to get the grass stains out. Choose something mild such as Woolite or All Free & Clear. It’s also a good idea to skip the bleach unless there’s something on your bra that you’re concerned about causing a stain.


Wash Carefully

Hand washing is always best for bras. But I get that it’s a hassle and most of us don’t have time for that chore. I try to hand wash my bras but when I can’t, I cheat by using this little method. Place your bra in a lingerie bag and wash on the gentle cycle with other soft clothing. You don’t want to wash your bra in the same load as stiff items such as jeans.


Lay Flat to Dry

Never throw your bras in the dryer, ladies. That’s bra suicide! In order to extend the life of your favorite bra, always dry it carefully. Lay it flat to dry, hooked in the back and with the straps straightened neatly as if you were wearing it. It’s also helpful to reshape the cups while wet to work out any fabric rolling that tries to occur.


Skip Folding Your Bras

A lot of us are in the habit of folding our bras before we put them away. I’ve done this for many years, too. But I’m trying to break this habit for the health of my bras! It’s much easier on the bras to just lay them gently in a drawer. Think of how they’re placed in drawers at lingerie shops for a guide.


Wear White under Light Only

Know what can completely ruin your favorite white bra? Wearing it under a brightly colored top. I’ve seen beautiful white bras go bad from being worn under something bright, such as a hot pink or orange. A good basic rule here is to wear white under light clothing only. Wear colored or dark bras under colored clothing. Some bright colors run and can ruin your white bras.


Use Care when You Put Your Bra on

I know, such a simple process to need instructions on, right? I’m with you, but the truth is that how you put your bra on can make a huge difference in extending the life of it. Many of us snap the closure, twist the bra to our front and flip it up. Lots of rough treatment on the bra in that process. Instead, slip your arms through the armholes, reach around to fasten the back and adjust the bra as needed. I completely agree with you that it’s difficult to reach around and fasten your bra in the back, but it gets easier with practice.

These tricks can extend the life of your favorite bra. What’re your tips on this subject? I’d love your input!

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I do all of these things but fastening it while it's on is difficult. Any other suggestions?

Sounds terrible 😶

I used to just tighten my bra and pull it over my head, now I do the fasten and twist and it works for me.

Thx so much!! 😘

I got really happy when I read this and realized I do all of that already! XD without thinking of it, It have always been a habit of doing it that way.

Victoria's Secret bras last a long time! worth the cost ladies. :)

Very helpful thank you

Awesome post and much appreciated. I also follow most of these tips. Especially washing my bras on the gentle cycle. 👍

How do I unfavorite a post?

Very helpful. Thank you:)

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