9 Show-Stopping Outfits Worn by Selena Gomez ...


9 Show-Stopping Outfits Worn by Selena Gomez ...
9 Show-Stopping Outfits Worn by Selena Gomez ...

Most of the outfits worn by Selena Gomez are infused with a high level of couture fashion, making her one of the most stylish stars to watch. Starting from her time as a beloved Disney actress, Selena Gomez's style has evolved along with her career. I love how everything she wears seems to either be well-thought out or effortlessly chic, making me excited at the prospect of her K-mart clothing line "Dream Out Loud". These show-stopping outfits worn by Selena Gomez will make you want to find pieces that are just as stunning.

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The Thing Movie Premiere

The Thing Movie Premiere Because of its brilliant sequins and minimalistic detailing, this is one of my favorite outfits worn by Selena Gomez. The best part about this little number is that it features an inexpensive piece from Forever 21. What's more lovable than cute but affordable shorts?


Ramona and Beezus Movie Premiere

Ramona and Beezus Movie Premiere Selena looked absolutely stunning in this pure white number at the Ramona and Beezus movie premiere in New York City. Featuring a sleek cardigan with complimentary shorts, this outfit is truly classy and elegant. I also love the touch of black in the form of a slimming belt. I love this monochromatic look!


2013 MTV Video Music Awards

2013 MTV Video Music Awards This next number catapulted Ms. Gomez onto the top of many best dressed lists. Featuring beautiful lace detailing and a rich navy color, a lot of critics expressed just how much they loved this innovative, flirty and daring gown by Atelier Versace. This is definitely one of her more mature looks.


2012 Kids' Choice Awards

2012 Kids' Choice Awards I think that this outfit is one of the most crucial moments in this fashionista's career. The bold print on the Dolce & Gabbana skirt is extremely flattering and complements the matching cropped top. The high-waisted A-line skirt truly was an excellent choice.


2013 Getaway Movie Premiere

2013 Getaway Movie Premiere Someone needs to give this girl's stylist a raise! The gold, black and purple tones in this dazzling Vera Wang peplum dress certainly make this outfit worth mentioning on this list. The stylish cut and style of this dress frames her figure perfectly!


2012 SiriusXM Radio Station Appearance

2012 SiriusXM Radio Station Appearance Whether it is for a performance on stage, a casual outing or a red carpet appearance, I absolutely love her taste in clothing. This outfit gives off such a beautiful silhouette. I am in love with the transparent stripes on her marvelous top.


2013 SiriusXM Appearance

2013 SiriusXM Appearance This is another one of my favorite casual looks from Selena Gomez. I never thought that mixed floral patterns could look so good! I think that the slogan printed across her Phillip Lim’s Get It Girl chiffon top adds to the overall look.


Heathrow Airport 2013

Heathrow Airport 2013 This outfit surely speaks for itself. I've always been a fan of printed leggings because of their accessibility; this look only cements this idea! Take a note out of Selena's style notebook and pair your printed leggings with a cute and long top; it is sure to make everyone around you swoon!


2013 Radio Disney Music Awards

2013 Radio Disney Music Awards Lastly, this simple but trendy leather top when paired with a floral mini skirt does wonders for Selena Gomez's figure. I am completely obsessed with the floral trend that has taken over the red carpet, making this one of my favorite looks. Who knew that a leather shirt could look so good?

Selena Gomez is well on her way to becoming a bonafide trendsetter. Every time she steps out onto the red carpet, she manages to make everyone fall more in love with her style. What are some other outfits worn by Selena Gomez that you wish were in your closet?

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I like Selena Gomez it's just that these outfits are kinda boring...

❤️ Number three!

I love three

I love the 4th. She's so gorgeous.

I really like six a lot

What the heck?

What ?

The third one is absolutely fabulous!

Selena has been my idol since I was about 9 when her wizards show started, and we are both growing up and she's doing bigger movies and having concert tours, I'm still a fan! I love her new album!!

Not sure if I can call three and four clothes

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