Day Date Style Tips for Girls Looking to Be Cute and Functional ...


Day Date Style Tips for Girls Looking to Be Cute and Functional ...
Day Date Style Tips for Girls Looking to Be Cute and Functional ...

Day dates have become a common thing. Sometimes they work out best because of your work schedules, your ability to slip away when the kids are in school or just a freak coincidence. However it is that you find yourself going on a day date, these are some tips on how to dress. It can feel a bit puzzling to figure out what to wear to lunch instead of dinner, or to a matinee instead of a late night show.

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Go Light Instead of Dark

clothing, dress, beauty, fashion, long hair, We tend to reach for dark colors when we go on dates at night. And there are no rules here! You can wear dark for a day date if that’s what you’re most comfortable in. But you may feel like light colors suit a day date better, especially after you try them on. For my last day date with my husband, I wore cream colored lace shorts with a colorful top and I felt great in it.


Break out Your Wedge Heels

footwear, shoe, brown, leg, spring, Stilettos say night date while wedge heels say day date. Usually, you’ll find that you tend to dress just a bit more casual for a day date. Wedges are a good day date choice, as are flats, sneakers and other casual shoes. You generally want to save your sexiest shoes for a night you’re going dancing or out for some other activity. But again, there are no rules; these are only some ideas.


Go for a Sundress in the Summer or a Shirtdress in the Winter

clothing, footwear, fashion accessory, fashion, spring, Dresses are an option for day dates. You’ll feel flirty and feminine when you choose this clothing option. Sundresses in the summer are a casual yet pretty way to go. In the winter, shirtdresses paired with leggings are perfect. This look is actually supposed to be very popular this fall and it’s easy to see why.


Pair a Pop of Color with Solids

clothing, dress, outerwear, fashion, costume, You may not want to wear something overly colorful for a day date. I love color and wear it all the time, but I have friends who’re more comfortable in neutral, especially during the day. If this sounds like you then consider wearing a pop of color in with your neutrals. Maybe you could wear a bright scarf or a patterned shoe with your solid outfit. This one simple addition can jazz up an outfit.


Pair a Graphic Tee with Boyfriend Jeans

denim, jeans, white, clothing, blue, Day dates can be totally casual. You may just be grabbing a hot dog at the park for lunch. When the occasion is something similar to that then choose this type of outfit. Graphic tees are everywhere and they’re most definitely in and on trend. Pair them with your favorite boyfriend jeans you’ll look both cute and casual.


Go for a Tote Bag Style Purse

white, clothing, outerwear, footwear, spring, No need for the little glitzy clutch during the day. I know they’re lovely, but they’re just a tad out of place for a day date. Instead choose a tote bag style purse that has room for all your essentials. You aren’t limited in space so you can take along whatever you wish. Just don’t let your guy look inside; it just might scare him!


Wear Playful Accessories

footwear, handbag, leg, spring, hand, Day dates are the perfect time for playful accessories. Think printed tights, fun scarves and unique jewelry. There’s really no off limits list here. This is where you can express yourself through your accessories. The only thing you want to remember is not to go overboard. It might be a bit much if you’re wearing polka dot tights, a plaid scarf, cat earrings and a dolphin necklace all at the same time.

These are some tips to help you dress for your next day date. Where do you go for dates during the day? We can inspire each other here!

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My idea of a date is no makeup, old torn clothes, hair tied, movies and pizza.

Very cute. Thank you so much! :-)

Loved dress #1

Yessss loved this!!! Thank you :)

Loving five

Amazing tips💗

Where is the dress from in the first picture?

And a lot of cuddling.

Very nice

I have day date this weekend, am wearing maxi dress with spaghetti straps and sandals

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