How to Put Together an Amazing Outfit with These 9 Charts ...


How to Put Together an Amazing  Outfit with These 9 Charts ...
How to Put Together an Amazing  Outfit with These 9 Charts ...

It can never hurt to learn more about fashion. After all, the more you know, the better you'll look! Check out these handy fashion charts brought to you by Viral Nova:

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How to Tie a Scarf

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How to Choose Necklaces for Necklines



What to do with Your Extra Belt Length



How to Find the Perfect Cut

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A Nifty Color Guide


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How to Wear Button Ups



How to Wear Stacking Rings



How to Choose Earrings for Your Face



How Often You Should Wash Your Clothes

Apricot,Daher Capital,Bonnier Ad Network,text,font, Which one of these charts did you find the most helpful?

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I don't understand the perfect cut thing, I must not be getting the full picture.

I love the color one and the belt knots

The belt one and the color guide

Great article

I enjoyed reading the chart on ways to wear a belt, wear different necklaces with different types of blouses, and how to wear a buttoned up shirt. =) This was a helpful article.

Please tell me what happened to all women's talk android app... At first when I would open the app on my android phone the app would close. So I uninstall, hoping a reinstall would fix issues. Well, now it's gone from google play store! Please bring my app back I hate using the website version because you can't see the whole article at once like the app can. I don't understand why app is gone when my iPad still has it and the app works fine. PLEASE bring back the app to google play store so I can use on my phone again!!

All of them are really helpful... ❤❤😍😍

Brilliant article, thank you for posting :-)

The color guide, the necklace guide, and the earring guide really helped. :)

Great post! All useful, especially the scarves. I love scarves, and finding new ways to wear them

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