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A lot of young women want to have a career in the fashion world. That can be a problem when you’re one of those women—it’s hard to stand out! However, just because it’s a highly sought after career field does not mean that you should bring other women down to get there. Instead, follow these tips and tricks to help stand out when you’re trying to get a job or start your career in the fashion industry! It’s not going to be an easy road, but with these tips, you can have a smoother start to that road!

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Get Educated

If you can afford to pursue an education in the fashion world, by all means, do so! Work hard in school to learn what you need to about the fashion world. If you can’t afford to go to school, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get educated about the fashion world. Spend some time in your local library reading as many books about fashion as you can.


Don’t Wait

If you are going to school, a lot of people think that it puts a pause button for the rest of your career. However, as most people in the fashion world (and any field) will tell you, most places will not hire you with a degree alone. If you can find work in the fashion field while you’re in college, do so. Don’t wait to start working until after you graduate.


Work Hard

Do as much as you possibly can while you’re younger. The harder you work while you’re young, the more determined you’d look to future employers. Don’t tell yourself that because you got one job you no longer need to work hard. Getting a job is the first step, especially in the fashion world, when making a name for yourself is everything.


Do Anything You Can in the Field

It doesn’t matter what it is—whether you’re getting coffee for a designer or writing a fashion blog. No matter what you’re doing in the field, if you’re doing something, you’ll have experience. It can be the smallest thing, but it will help you in the long run!


Bulk up Your Resume

Don’t just do one job and call it a day! Pick up as many jobs, no matter how small, just to bulk up your résumé. They may seem small and inconsequential, but the longer your résumé is, the more experience you’ll have, and the more you’ll attract employers in the fashion world.


Write a Resume

On the same note, if you don’t have a résumé, write one. If you want to get jobs in the fashion world, you need a résumé that is going to blow the minds of everyone you apply for. It may seem like something easy to do, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who don’t even have that prepared!


Create a List of Goals

Create a list of yearly goals, and on top of that, create a list of goals for every few months. They’ll keep you on track and on top of your life and the career you’re trying to build for yourself in the fashion world!

What are your goals in the fashion world? What are you trying to accomplish and how do you plan on accomplishing it? Let me know in the comments!

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