Flirty Dresses to Make You Excited for Spring ...


If you're sick of the winter blues, these beautiful spring dresses are sure to get you inspired for some warmer weather! These looks are sure to inspire your springtime wardrobe.

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pink,clothing,dress,cocktail dress,wedding dress, Via Who's That Lady Strapless Cream ...
This hi-lo peach dress is perfect for a Sunday brunch!


Blue and Yellow

clothing,pink,dress,beauty,spring, Via For All Things Lovely
If you love spring simply because it means you get to dress up like a human Easter egg, this is the dress for you!


Sundress with a Twist

hair,clothing,red,girl,beauty, Via
Although this may look like your typical sundress, the coral leather jacket adds a twist to the tried-and-true classic!


Jackie O, Anyone?

clothing,outerwear,footwear,sweater,fashion, Via Cute winter outfits 2014 | ...
If you're looking to emulate the classic Jackie O look, look no further than this gorgeous ensemble.


Pretty in Pink

pink,clothing,dress,bridal party dress,gown, Via A 072903 Sexy Sweet Striped ...
This hot pink dress with white stripes screams spring to me!


Subtle Floral

clothing,pink,dress,wedding dress,bridal clothing, If you aren't feeling a bright floral this year, try this cream floral instead.


Simple Dress with a Pop

pink,clothing,dress,wedding dress,bridal clothing, Via 15 Flatforms To Instantly Elevate ...
A simple white dress gets an updated with these shocking red heels.


Navy and Floral

clothing,blue,dress,footwear,pattern, Via fashforfashion - STYLE INSPIRATIONS
The navy tones in this floral dress is accentuated even further with the navy cardigan and heels.


Red and Pink Floral

clothing,dress,red,pink,pattern, Via Tuesday Ten: February Style Tips
The reds and pinks in this dress are just so fun and flirty for spring.


Black, White, and Red All over

dress,clothing,pattern,sleeve,cocktail dress, Via How to Wear the Hottest ...
This black and white top with the red skirt are sure to pop this spring!


A Full, Romantic Skirt

dress,clothing,wedding dress,gown,bridal clothing, Via A Fashion Love Affair - ...
This full, blush maxi dress is so gorgeous paired with a simple denim jacket.


Dreaming of Blooms

pink,clothing,dress,day dress,sleeve, Via Bookmaking Brunch Dress | Mod ...
If you're dreaming of fresh blooms and flowers, this is the springtime dress for you.


Red Complements

clothing,pink,red,dress,footwear, Via Mutefashion | Just another WordPress ...
I love how well all of the red in this outfit complements each other without the color being too over-bearing.


Flirty Floral Dress with Cut-Outs

hair,clothing,person,girl,human positions, Via Brat Pack Ivory Cutout Floral ...
I love the different colors in this dress, but the cut-outs are what really separate this dress.


Purple Floral

clothing,dress,costume,fashion,spring, Via Bariano Special Effects Purple Floral ...
I love the different blue and purple hues in this floral maxi dress, don't you?


Orange and Flirty

clothing,dress,gown,pattern,design, Via Pollen All Ivory and Red ...
Orange isn't necessarily a color you see a lot in the spring, which is why I love this dress so much!


Lauren Conrad's Springtime Look

clothing,dress,pink,green,photography, Via Chic Peek: My March Kohl’s ...
Lauren Conrad's smaller, floral look is perfect for an Easter brunch.


High-Fashion, Bright Colors

color,yellow,clothing,spring,fashion, Via Street Style Spring 2013: New ...
If you're looking for bright colors, this yellow and blue contrast is one to go for.


So Simple Yet so Gorgeous

clothing,green,dress,spring,fashion, Via VivaLuxury - Fashion Blog by ...
While it's not technically a dress, this off-the-shoulder crop top and full green skirt are beautiful and perfect for spring.


Different Shades of Blue

clothing,sleeve,dress,spring,fashion, Via Herbaceous Babe Ivory Floral Print ...
Although this seems like a typical floral dress, the different shades of blue and the ways they're complemented in the sunglasses and the heels just scream spring.


Closet Full of Yellow

yellow,clothing,dress,lady,spring, Via How to Save Money on ...
This flowy, yellow dress, is the perfect addition to your bright, spring wardrobe.


Pink Lace Dress

dress,clothing,cocktail dress,sleeve,pattern, Via Pink Embroidered Lace Top Dress ...
If you're looking for springtime pastels, it doesn't get more romantic than this gorgeous dress.


Beautiful and Unique Pattern

clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern,spring, Via Paisley Print Sleeveless Dress with ...
This beautiful pattern is so unique that all eyes will be on you!


Retro Glam

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,outerwear, Via Flirty Sixties Shoots: The Skye ...
This pastel yellow dress just reminds me of a retro glam look!


Watercolor Ensemble

clothing,woman,dress,lady,beauty, Via Stylekick App
This dress looks like a watercolor painting come to life to me!

Which of these dresses are your favorite looks? Let me know in the comments!

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