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Stripes for Spring 30 Street Style Inspirations ...

By Sheila

Stripes are fun, stripes are versatile, and stripes are IN! Here are 30 outfits to draw your inspiration from this spring.

1 Stripes on Stripes

Stripes on Stripes

2 Horizontal Stripes with Denim Shorts

Horizontal Stripes with Denim Shorts

3 Colorful Stripes

Colorful Stripes

4 Colorblock


5 Vertical Stripes

Vertical Stripes

6 Wrap Dress

Wrap Dress

7 Truly Unique

Truly Unique

8 Gingham Shirt with a Striped Pullover

Gingham Shirt with a Striped Pullover

9 Glorious Striped Maxi Skirt

Glorious Striped Maxi Skirt

10 Head to Toe

Head to Toe

11 Striped Dress

Striped Dress

12 A Whole Lotta Cute

A Whole Lotta Cute

13 Black, White, and Brown

Black, White, and Brown

14 Belted Top and Jeans

Belted Top and Jeans

15 Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints

16 Striped Blazer

Striped Blazer

17 Multicolored with White

Multicolored with White

18 Pastel


19 A Single Stripe

A Single Stripe

20 Nautical Inspiration

Nautical Inspiration

21 Striped Shorts

Striped Shorts

22 Peek-a-boo


23 Fun Shoes

Fun Shoes

24 Voluminous Maxi Skirt

Voluminous Maxi Skirt

25 Co-ords


26 A Touch of Pink

A Touch of Pink

27 Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

28 Crop Top

Crop Top

29 Striped Top and Blazer

Striped Top and Blazer

30 Perfect Spring Dress

Perfect Spring Dress

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