You Will Not Believe These Fashion Tips from the Designers Themselves!

Am I the only one who loves getting fashion advice from fashion designers? I think that if I’m going to get fashion advice from anyone, it should be the biggest people in the fashion game! These people know what they’re talking about, so if you’re looking for fashion advice, these are definitely the people to get it from! The next time you need just a little bit of fashion advice or inspiration, think of these quotes from these amazing fashion designers!

1. “Wear Heels Even Though They Kill You!” –Rebecca Taylor

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Although I can’t say that I always follow this advice, I think it’s great advice if you work in fashion. Even if you have a long walk or commute, wear flats and then change into heels when you get to work or the party or event you’re going to. The commute isn’t important, but the event definitely is!

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