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The Downside of Beauty Fashion Problems Only Women Will Understand ...

By Corina

Women are complicated. Let’s face it. We give attention to all kinds of little details that most people don’t even notice and sometimes, we tend to be our own worst critic. When it comes to fashion, things are not that different either. We know what we like, what looks good on us and with what we can match that old blouse to create a totally new and fabulous outfit. Yet, there are a few clothing problems that annoy us and that can ruin a perfectly nice day. Here are some of the most common fashion problems that only women will understand:

1 Gravity Seems to Love the Crotch of Your Tights

Ooh, this is a real problem for me. I love dresses and skirts and I think that this is the thing that bugs me the most and that can ruin a perfectly nice evening. When I’m wearing tights, instead of staying where they should be, some pairs just tend to like to hang out halfway down my thighs. I cannot function properly until I pull them up since they’re constantly on my mind.

2 Dropping Bra-Straps

Well, what could be more annoying than wearing your new and awesome sleeveless dress/top and suddenly, someone tells you that your bra strap has slipped down over your shoulder? This is problematic especially when you’re in a business meeting, at work or let’s face it, every single time.

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3 You Have to Wear Sunglasses for Most of the Year

Okay, even though sunglasses are a stylish accessory, you have to wear them for most of the year. It’s not always your choice. For example, my eyes can’t handle the sun so I always carry a pair of sunglasses with me, even in the winter when it's minus twenty degrees outside.

4 Low-rise Jeans and Thongs

You always have to be careful when you are wearing low-rise jeans because they can turn your thong into a whale tail. You wouldn’t want everyone to see that new pair of Superman undies you bought last week or basically, any other pair of thongs.

5 A Lacy Bra Will Always Look Unflattering under a T-shirt

I love lacy bras, lacy lingerie, basically, lace. Yet, pairing a lacy bra with a cute white T-shirt is never a good idea. Your bra will show and it will look quite unflattering. Try to choose something with a much simpler design and made of cotton. You’ll feel more comfortable and you’ll look amazing too.

6 Button-down Shirts

I love button-down shirts. They’re stylish, professional and fabulous. Yet, I have a hard time finding one that fits me, you know…around the boobs. If I buy a bigger size, I look like I just got out of bed and I’m going to make some breakfast, not ready for that important presentation that I have to give at work.

7 Maxi Dresses That Prevent You from Walking

As I’ve said before, I love dresses, all kinds of dresses but when it comes to maxi dresses, some designs are stunning yet quite impractical. You can’t really walk in them and if you are with someone and you two are in a hurry, you basically have to run in this tight dress and you risk stumbling, falling over and hurting yourself.

Even though we love fashion, there are a few clothing problems that can drive you nuts and that can prevent you from having fun sometimes. When it comes to fashion, what annoys you the most? Do you know any other fashion problems that only women will understand? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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