Stunning Sunnies That Are Perfect for Girls with round Faces ...


It's summertime! That means it's time to start shopping for brand new sunglasses in celebration of the fact that the sun is actually showing its bright yellow face. I'm not just talking about any sunglasses, though. This post is dedicated to all the girls who, like me and the sun itself, have round faces. We have issues with frames, don't we? Some of them simply don't look right with round faces. You won't find that problem here, though. These stunning sunnies are ideal for ladies with round or full faces, so get ready to start shopping for a new pair!

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A Little Cat Eye

A Little Cat Eye Get it here:

Go for a subtle cat-eye shape to elongate the shape of your face a bit. It's that signature uptilt that does it.


Round on round

Round on round Get it here:

These shades are a bit round themselves, but not quite. Again, the corners are key. You wouldn't think something so small could make such a big impact.


Simple and Chic

Simple and Chic Get it here:

Try a pair of classic tortoiseshell sunnies to make an elegant, chic statement. You can't go wrong with a staple.


You Were Mint to Wear These Shades

You Were Mint to Wear These Shades Get it here:

Haha, see what I did there? But seriously, the structure and shape of these sunglasses will definitely flatter round-shaped faces.


An Oblong Shape is Ideal

An Oblong Shape is Ideal Get it here:

See that oblong shape? It will give your face the illusion of more length and width, so it won't look quite so round.


Subtle Ovals Ftw

Subtle Ovals Ftw Get it here:

Everything about these will work in your favor. I'm especially loving the color of the lenses.


Oversized Shades Always Work

Oversized Shades Always Work Get it here:

Always. They balance out your face and draw attention to themselves. I adore oversized shades.


Example Number Two

Example Number Two Get it here:

This is actually my go-to style. The size and shape of these sunglasses and similar sunnies are almost universally flattering to girls with round faces.


Retro Cat-eye Madness

Retro Cat-eye Madness Get it here:

Everything about this pair of sunglasses will work for you. However, you do have to make sure the frames aren't too small. Small frames are your worst enemy.


Flat on Top

Flat on Top Get it here:

Want to add some ankles to that pretty face of yours? Here you go.


Simple, Classic, on-point

Simple, Classic, on-point Get it here:

Sunnies like these work for practically anyone. They also complement almost every outfit you can imagine.


Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey Get it here:

Try a slight cat-eye in a color other than black. Sometimes the color is all you need to balance the fullness of your face.


Choose a Pair of Statement Sunnies

Choose a Pair of Statement Sunnies Get it here:

These tropical beauties definitely make a statement. It's a decidedly tropical one.


Polka Dots All Day

Polka Dots All Day Get it here:

Oh, I adore these! Polka dots are so much fun!


A Shape to Die for

A Shape to Die for Get it here:

These are beyond cute. I don't know, I think I might need to snag this pair.


A Little Lennon-esque

A Little Lennon-esque Get it here:

Just a little, but they're sure to make a statement. Also, all of your snaps and 'grams will be extra fierce.


These Are the Best

These Are the Best Get it here:

Never mind. This is the pair I need. Seriously, I need these. I'll be right back.

But how about you? Tell us about your favorite sunnies!

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So, you are saying basically just wear any sunglasses, they all look fine lol

I like the ❤️-shaped lenses! ✝

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