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The fashion industry is changing – finally. It's still slow but the movement's finally started. Fashion, even high fashion and haute couture, is embracing more diversity. In both fashion niches and famous houses, we're seeing plus size models, more women and men of color, and representatives from the LGBTQIA+ communities. We're seeing trans models and beautiful people who don't fall on the binary. We're not seeing enough of any of them, but thanks to breakout trailblazers like the following fierce fashionistas, I'm hopeful we'll be seeing lots more.

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Marquita Pring

Marquita slays. Although she's just a size 14, she's considered a plus size model – but she modeled herself some Gaultier, thanks.


Sabina Karlsson

Sabina makes me melt. Those eyes, those lips, those freckles! The freckles!


Madeline Stuart

Madeline gives me hair envy every time I see her. She also has the loveliest lips I have ever seen. We're going to see enormous things from this girl.


Andreja Pejić

I am in love with Andreja and have been for years. Her lips, her eyes, her nose, her cheekbones, her hips – ugh, I die!


Lea T

Lea is Riccardo Tisci's muse. Riccardo, by the way, is the designer genius behind Givenchy. Born in Brazil and raised in Italy, Lea is a smoldering, exotic beauty who, like Andreja, is bringing recognition to the transgender community through fashion.


Toccara Jones

Yes, ma'am, Toccara is still queen. 'member her from ANTM?


Melanie Gaydos

Melanie's beauty is inspirational. She has Ectodermal Dysplasia, but that's not who she is, it doesn't define her. This fierceness defines her.


Rebekah Marine

Rebekah is a stunner with a smile that lights up the world with its genuine joy. Some people (like People) call her the bionic model, and that she is, but it doesn't have a thing to do with her arm.


Winnie Harlow/Chantelle Brown Young

Winnie is one of my favorite models. She's one of the reasons ANTM was ultimately a successful show, being that it's responsible for several diverse beauties. Winnie, though, she's something else.


Shaholly Ayers

Shaholly was born without her arm, like Rebekah Marine. However, Shaholly puts it all out there, and the results are always gorgeous.


Rain Dove

Rain Dove is incredible. Absolutely incredible. The former firefighter's androgyny is so complete that she rocks menswear just as well as women's fashion, plus she is so hot. So, so hot.


Jillian Mercado

Jillian is such a stunner. Her beauty is angled and elven and gorgeous. She has Muscular Dystrophy, but her intense presence and soul-searing eyes are the first things you notice about her.


Tess Holliday

Do I even need to say anything about how breathtaking and amazing Tess Holliday is?


Kris Gottschalk

Kris could possibly make me leave Heather. Just for a weekend or something, but still. Her story is inspiring, as well – the things that brought her to fashion, the outlook it gave her, and the beautiful scars she bears.



I have a thing for Nikia's freckles, too. Ditto her lips, her eyes, and that jawline. Rawr!


Thando Hopa

In the face of Thando's loveliness, I can think of nothing clever or worthy to say.


Diandra Forrest

Diandra's got such gorgeous lips and her bone structure is out of this world. She's got a beautiful soul as well as a beautiful face and she's becoming just as known for her humanitarian endeavors. That's pretty frigging awesome.

Have you got your eye on any up-and-coming models?

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I think Loiza Lamers really needs to be in this list too! She won Holland's next top model this year and she is a transgender woman. Love her!

Great article

It is nice to see a change in the world's perception of beauty. Truly amazing!

OMG i thought Rain Dove was hot. And a male. Damn tho

Tess holiday is fat but she has the most beautiful face ever

Girls or boys who have have a problem with anorexia the lucky ones get the help they need...

Peony blue, 3,6 and, 1 as you named them are not fat and to call them that means that you are degrading them. The point is it that they are healthy looking models in this article with ones with disabilities and conditions who would have previously had no chance in getting into the modelling industry. They are different to the anorexic stick figures that we all see and that's why they are revolutionary because it is giving us all a wider perspective for beauty. That's the point of the article. You don't need to know who they are, the models are unconventional and that's all.

This subject is not complete, I don't get what makes them different exactly! I noticed som has difficulties, and yes they are beauty and not Main Stream kind of models, but other photos looks normal and similar to other Normal models. I think the writer assumed we know who they are....

What is the point here exactly 3,6,1 are fat it can be changed if hey want that! 4,2 are pretty women but the others have something that cant be changed however they try that is inspiring and commendable and hey should be celebrated but the others i mentioned doesn't fit with the point or is there some idol worshipping going on here here?

@titch for the sake of being politically correct i accept your point of view but it doesn't take away the fact that being overweight is not a disability! They could lose weight if they wanted to the others cant so i apologise for using that word. And also it is a fact that girls or boys for that matter have a problem but the lucky ones get they help they need and survive it but the other models who have an amputated arm or the the other model with the pigmentation problem have to live with that for the rest of their lives i personally think it is admirable. There is nothing they can do about it...i hope you get my point and if you dont get it or accept it that is fine too.

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