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Fashion is subjective and everyone has a different idea of what looks good, but there are definitely some summer fashion dos and don’ts. What may look cute or appropriate might be the actual opposite. Since we feel our best during the summer, it is fun to try to look our best as well. Here are a few summer fashion dos and don’ts to help you look as good as you feel.

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Don’t: Bum Cleavage

Don’t: Bum Cleavage One of the summer fashion dos and don’ts is don’t let your butt cheeks hang out of your shorts. I don’t care how many squats you did during the winter or what your views are on public nudity, most view “butt cheek cleavage” as poor taste. Personally, I don’t mind it but I do agree that it can be distracting and the trend is completely unnecessary.


Do: Deep Vs

Do: Deep Vs A common trend on the fashion catwalks of Paris for Spring/Summer 2014 was a blouse or dress with a deep V. A plunging neckline, when done tastefully, is sexy and bold. When wearing a plunging neckline I recommend a narrow, deep V that doesn’t go beneath the rib cage. Also, to keep the plunging neckline look classy, go for a neutral or dark coloured top rather than a neon or bright top. Also, pair your deep V blouse with cropped pants or a knee-length pencil skirt.


Don’t: Sheer Tops with Colourful Bras

Don’t: Sheer Tops with Colourful Bras A sheer top was another trend you could spot on the catwalk this year, but it was definitely not paired with a hot pink bra underneath. If you are going to wear a sheer blouse, wear it with a bra that is a solid, neutral colour. Colourful or patterned bras can make your outfit look juvenile.


Do: Navy

Do: Navy Navy is the ultimate neutral colour in my opinion. It’s not too boring, bland, or basic in comparison to other neutrals, plus navy can look feminine, and professional as well. The best thing about navy is that is can be worn at work or dinner, making it the perfect day-to-night colour. If you’re looking to take a navy outfit from winter to summer, try pairing it with something white for a nautical look.


Don’t: Leggings

Don’t: Leggings Leggings are the epitome of comfort. In fact, as I write this I am wearing leggings. But when the sun’s out, your legs should be too! However, if you’re not comfortable showing off your legs or are too lazy to shave them (like me!), I recommend maxi skirts and dresses. They cover the entirety of your leg and they are ultra comfortable. Plus, maxi skirts with slits are easy to move around in if you need something that is easy to move in.


Do: Pointy-toed Shoe

Do: Pointy-toed Shoe Shoes are one of the accessories in fashion that have the most turnover in trends. Some years open toed shoes are popular, while in other years, round toed shoes are. Similarly, some years wedges are trendy and others, double platform heels are. This summer pointy-toed shoes are a must. Furthermore, if you’re opting for a pointy-toed heel, look for shoes with thick straps that wrap around the ankle.


Don’t: Hoodies

Don’t: Hoodies Summer mornings and nights can be chilly, but rather than grabbing your hoodie, try a denim jacket or a cardigan as an alternative. Hoodies are usually thick and you’ll be sweating through it in no time. Plus, denim jackets or cardigans are a dressier option compared to hoodies, and they are just as comfortable.

Summer is the best part of the year, so you want to be ready to get up and go. As a result, having a summer ready wardrobe will you keep you looking your best for those days you’re out from dawn to dusk. What are some other summer dos and don’ts?

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I love hoodies!

I honestly live in hoodies and leggings and that's probably never going to change.

They're all so true

I don't agree with some of these, but for the most part they were pretty good!

Why not leggings? And navy is stupid to wear in summer

Stupid article. Let people wear what makes them happy.

Feel I have to wear leggings to work...and my legs are so pale!!!! 😳

Sometimes sheer tops look cute with a coloured or patterned bandeau. It just needs to be the proper time and place for it

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