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34 Adorable Summer Dresses to Slip into This Summer ...

By Vladlena

Summer is a season when even the most sporty women pull out their summer dresses. Yes, it takes a while to find the perfect dress to compliment your body but once you do, it just makes the decision of getting ready in the morning so much easier and your daily life so much more comfortable. You literary slip it on, grab a few accessories and get on with your day! The warm weather just screams for summer dresses!

Table of contents:

  1. Chic white dress
  2. Long sleeved lace dress
  3. Religion olsen maxi dress
  4. Cold shoulder skater dress
  5. Sweetheart neck skater dress
  6. Lace babydoll dress
  7. V-neck chiffon dress
  8. Woven floral skater dress
  9. Polka dot summer dress
  10. June collection by lauren corad
  11. White mini dress
  12. Vintage modern dreamy child portrait by melissa of tumbling leaves
  13. Navy floral embroidery dress
  14. Navy floral print dress
  15. Short floral dress with long sleeves
  16. Navy blue and white striped summer dress
  17. White lace minidress
  18. Glamorous chiffon v-back mini dress
  19. Stylish chevron dress
  20. Off shoulder white crochet dress
  21. Sweetwater dress
  22. Simple black dress
  23. Strapless maxi dress
  24. Flowy cutout dress
  25. Cut print shirt dress
  26. Lovely billabong rapid waves dress
  27. Beautiful maxi dress
  28. Thin black strap floral mini dress
  29. Off the shoulders dress
  30. Cute geo print shift!! flattering cut & versatile
  31. Bird print dress
  32. Boho flowy dress
  33. Sweetheart floral dress
  34. White summer dress

1 Chic White Dress

Via Friday Favorites

It's not often you find summer dresses, which could be dressed down for a casual day or dressed up for a fancy event!

2 Long Sleeved Lace Dress

Via Black See-through O-neck Long Sleeves ...

Light and airy lace dress with see through top and sleeves!

3 Religion Olsen Maxi Dress

Via Religion | Religion Olsen Maxi ...

Flowy and soft maxi dress you can slip into on a warm summer day!

4 Cold Shoulder Skater Dress


Cute low cut skater dress with flirty shoulder cutouts.

5 Sweetheart Neck Skater Dress

Via Sweetheart neck black skater dress ...

Fancy little black dress you could put to use this season!

6 Lace Babydoll Dress

Via Pink Embroidered Lace Top Dress ...

Angelic and lacy babydoll dress with a sexy open back!

7 V-neck Chiffon Dress

Via Black Double-deck V-neck Sleeveless Loose ...

Beautiful and sexy chiffon dress with a slit. Thinking about it now, too many outfit ideas come to mind!

8 Woven Floral Skater Dress

Via Dresses | WOMEN | Forever ...

Casual and feminine summer dress for everyday wear!

9 Polka Dot Summer Dress

Via Aisle Style: The top 3 ...

Trendy little piece with polka dotted pattern! Definitely something you should grab off the shelves in your nearest store!

10 June Collection by Lauren Corad

Via Chic Peek: My New June ...

Adorable floral dress that cinches in to accentuate your waist and flares out as it goes down for that flirty and feminine look.

11 White Mini Dress

Via White Mini Dress // white ...

Love this loose little white dress with slits going down the sleeves. It's perfect for the hot summer days to keep you cool without compromising your appearance!

12 Vintage Modern Dreamy Child Portrait by Melissa of Tumbling Leaves


Absolutely adore the exposed lace up back and the airy material of this piece, giving it a very light, soft and elegant look.

13 Navy Floral Embroidery Dress

Via LULUS Exclusive Play the Field ...

Simple and reserved floral embroidery dress, something everyone needs on a typical summer day!

14 Navy Floral Print Dress

Via 36 Colorful Street Style Looks ...

Floral patterns are timeless themes of a typical summer!

15 Short Floral Dress with Long Sleeves

Via ParisComing - Paris is Coming, ...

Stunning summer piece with a sexy deep V cut, cinched-in waist and scalloped edges at the hem.

16 Navy Blue and White Striped Summer Dress

Via Summer Dresses for Women | ...

Elegant and classy striped dress with an open back, perfect for a summer date or even a special event.

17 White Lace Minidress

Via My style!

Adorable little dress with full-on lace top, which will elongate your legs and accentuate your newly gained tan.

18 Glamorous Chiffon V-Back Mini Dress

Via Glamorous Floral Chiffon V-Back Mini ...

Now this dress is definitely up my alley! It's a spaghetti strap chiffon mini dress with dark floral design, which can be worn with boots, heels or even converse.

19 Stylish Chevron Dress

Via Discover and Share Outfit Ideas ...

Perfect outfit for a fancy lunch with friends or family. Looks good as well on large silhouettes as it does on small ones!

20 Off Shoulder White Crochet Dress


This bohemian knitted dress has a double use as a bathing suit cover up and a casual summer dress.

21 Sweetwater Dress

Via Sweetwater Dress

Adorable Anthropologie dress with high quality material that will help your skin breathe during the hottest days of the summer!

22 Simple Black Dress


Every girl needs a simple black dress, especially during the summer. Paired with cute sunnies and stacked on accessories, this little dress will prove to be worth every penny!

23 Strapless Maxi Dress

Via Six Bloggers Take DVF's Spring ...

Maxi dresses offer the ultimate comfort while flattering almost every body type. It's one of the essentials for summer, you must have in the back of your closet at all times.

24 Flowy Cutout Dress

Via All Dressed Up <3

Absolutely in love with the cutout design and ties running throughout the entire dress. It has this Greek goddess feel to it with very flirty and feminine accents.

25 Cut Print Shirt Dress


Adorable shirt dress perfect for exploring new places and finding new adventures.

26 Lovely Billabong Rapid Waves Dress

Via Shop by (#) on Diane's ...

Airy surf-hippy ensemble accessorized with bright pieces and cowboy boots!

27 Beautiful Maxi Dress

Via Native Fox: September 2012

For those of you with killer bodies, it would be a shame not to sport this maxi dress this summer!

28 Thin Black Strap Floral Mini Dress


Gorgeous mini dress, which even the most active girl will love!

29 Off the Shoulders Dress

Via Kick Push Dress | Shop ...

Very flirty clothing piece, you can constantly get the use out of!

30 Cute Geo Print Shift!! Flattering Cut & Versatile

Via Rhetorical Dress - Dresses - ...

Love the color scheme of this piece with its unique geometric print. Plus this unmatched dress is very flattering on all types of bodies, so don't be afraid to give it a try!

31 Bird Print Dress

Via The Freckled Fox

Very casual item which I can see you wearing for a walk in a park, picnic or even lunch with your other half!

32 Boho Flowy Dress


Miranda Kerr can truly pull off anything, but she specifically does this bohemian dress justice! This big sleeved floral dress comes off the shoulders and cinches at the waist to give more curves!

33 Sweetheart Floral Dress

Via Sweetheart Dress | Beginning Boutique

Adorable and summery dress, you cannot possibly pass out on!

34 White Summer Dress


Loose and airy summer dress to keep you cool and comfortable, when you need it the most.

Dresses are life-savers during the summer for every woman. Instead of stressing over what to wear, you can just pull out your favorite summer dress and use it as a main focus of your outfit. What are some of your favorite types of dresses to wear over the summer?

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