7 Ways to Wear Spring Fashion Trends Now ...


7 Ways to Wear Spring Fashion Trends Now ...
7 Ways to Wear Spring Fashion Trends Now ...

Spring fashion trends for the year have been on the table for a while now. Thanks to the Spring 2012 runway shows which debuted late last year, we’ve had ample time to mull over what we’ll be adding to our wardrobes come spring. However, you can always get ahead of the pack by trying out a spring fashion trend or two now. Take a look at the following fashion trends for spring and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe now.

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Wear Colour

Spring colour palettes are heavily focused on pastels and blue hues. You don’t have to wait for spring to start wearing these colours! Work some coloured knits, coats, or pants into your winter wardrobe. You can wear them one at a time, or try your hand at colour blocking and wear them all at once for spring’s hottest look. Focusing on a spring colour palette is one of the easiest ways to wear spring fashion trends now.


Dressed-down Tulle

Tulle and sheer fabrics are a spring favourite. Dress down frothy tulle skirts and sheer dresses with a few casual layers. Team sheer dresses and skirts with slouchy knits, biker jackets, and ankle boots for extra warmth. Don’t forget the tights either!


1920’s Influence

1920s dressing is set to be a big spring fashion trend. Think drop waists, flapper dresses, and sequins. Work this trend now by wearing drop waist dresses over fitted knits, under blazers, or with skin coloured tights.


Go Sporty

The sporty chic trend for spring can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe now. Add some hi-top sneakers to your weekend winter outfit, wear a hooded sweatshirt under a neutral leather jacket, or even try wearing some slim-fitting drawstring pants. Balance out the slouch of sportswear by teaming them with more structured pieces.


Technicolour Florals

Bold, technicoloured floral prints are a key trend this spring. Amped up floral prints are just one way to wear spring fashion trends now. Steer clear of subtle, feminine ditsy prints and opt for bold and brash botanical prints instead. Wear a printed dress with thick tights, or wear a floral blazer over a warm knit. If you can’t wait for the spring collections to drop, search through charity stores to find a unique floral print.


Peplum Waists

The peplum waist is going to be popular this spring. You can wear this trend now in a variety of ways. Wear a top with a peplum waist with jeans and ankle boots, find a jacket with peplum detailing, or wear a peplum skirt with tights and a fitted knit. Since the focus is on the peplum detail, layer with cropped jackets that show off the waist.


Futuristic Metallics

Metallics are another one of the biggest fashion trends for spring. Designers have embraced metallic fabrics in many of their collections. Instead of wearing metallic clothing, opt for more wearable accessories such as metallic bags and collar necklaces and wear these with your winter outfits..

Make spring fashion trends weather appropriate by layering them up. Dresses and skirts can be layered over thick tights and under warm knits. Also look for clothes made from thicker fabrics. What are your hot tips for wearing fashion trends for spring now?

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