10 Summer Must Haves Fahionistas Need in Their Wardrobes ...


10 Summer Must Haves Fahionistas Need in Their Wardrobes ...
10 Summer Must Haves Fahionistas Need in Their Wardrobes ...

Summer is almost here and that means it's the perfect time to buy any last minute clothing items for the hot days ahead!

Whether you're planning to chill at the beach or read under a tree, you'll be able to beat the heat with these summer essentials every fashionable girl will be lining up to buy!

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Good Quality Bikini

Some people think they need a whole bag full of various bikinis and one-pieces, however, all you really need is one good quality bikini that you can rely on! These can be anything from affordable to more on the pricey side, but it's more than okay to splurge on one that will last you a long time and you will get plenty of use out of!


Lightweight Summer Dress

A summer dress in a light and airy fabric is perfect for slipping on over the top of a bikini on a long day at the beach. It's guaranteed to keep the wind and sun off you as well as decrease your chances of sweating in the hot sun! Opt for one that is loose fitting so that your body can breathe in it as well as feel comfortable and relaxed.


Comfortable Playsuit

Playsuits are a great choice for summer since they allow us to show off our legs and are easy to move in. You won't have to worry about your dress flapping upwards in the wind (awkward) and you can still stay active while having loads of fun! Opt for one that has some kind of skin exposure so that you don't overheat on the hottest days!


Practical Sunglasses

Like a good bikini, a good quality pair of sunglasses will last you a really long time so don't think too much of it if you end up spending a little extra! It's important to protect your eyes if you're planning a summer in the sun, so opt for a pair that have strong lenses love and you feel great in!


Wide-brim Hat

Hot weather can make us more forgetful than usual as we're eager to get out and about while the sun is high in the sky! This can make us burn quicker, so opt for a hat with a wide brim to keep the sun off the areas around your face and neck.


Open-toed Shoes

There's nothing worse than wearing closed shoes in summer, making our feet quick to feel stuffy and suffocated. No one wants that, right? Buy yourself a cheap (but good) pair of jandals for walks on the sandy beach and a pair of open-toed sandals for hanging out at the shops and other general walking purposes.


Two-piece Set

A two-piece set (also called a co-ordinate set) is the perfect outfit to wear when you want to expose a little skin but still look put-together. Make it into a fashion statement and show off your midriff and legs in a set you love and feel totally amazing wearing!


Loose Cami Top

Summer is the perfect time to get out all your favourite light and loose pieces, so that's why cami tops are a must-have for you this summer! Pair these comfortable and lightweight tops with your favourite pair of denim shorts or a mini skirt!


Beach Cover-up

Every girl who loves to spent her summer days down at the beach in a bikini should also own a cute cover-up to go on top! Not only are these a great fashion piece but they will also help protect your skin from sunburn due to the extra material. If cover-ups aren't really your thing, though, opt for a nice colourful sarong to wrap around your waist instead!


Comfy Jandals

Comfy jandals are an essential for ladies who love spending their days walking around soaking up the hot summer sun! Jandals are usually pretty inexpensive, so you'll probably be able to find a cheap pair that will see you right through summer!

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