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There's this idea that curvy girls shouldn't wear dresses, or should only wear certain kinds of dresses, and I think that really sucks. It's summer, it's hot, there are beaches to visit, parties to get to, and BBQs to attend, so – it's the perfect time for summer dresses! I practically live in dresses in summer – they're cool, they're pretty, they're breezy. Right? So if you need some new party dresses for the summer, we've got you covered – these dresses are sure to flatter your curves and make a statement!

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ASOS CURVE Skater Dress in Gingham Check Print

clothing, plaid, day dress, dress, sleeve, Get it here:

Want something simple and sweet that you can wear all year round, not just in summer? This fun gingham print dress is the perfect choice! It's not quite babydoll style, but close. Skater dresses are flattering on almost everyone, plus they're low-key enough that you can dress them up or down depending on the function you're attending.


ASOS CURVE Kate Lace Midi Dress

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If you're looking for something a bit fancier, I really can't recommend this enough. From the color to those gorgeous, lacy cap sleeves, this is a truly exquisite summer dress. The midi length is charming and a little retro, that bodice is the bomb, and I just love that the skirt looks so swingy and elegant, you know what I mean?


ASOS CURVE Skater Dress with Floral Border Embroidery

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Skater dresses really are popular, but I've actually never seen one like this before – and I love it! The silhouette, the embroidery, and the colors all come together to make this dress half Boho chic, half Greek goddess. Plus, it looks so cool and lightweight!


ASOS CURVE Kimono Soft Skater Dress with Belt

clothing, dress, sleeve, cocktail dress, lilac, Get it here:

Wow, a kimono combined with a skater dress. It works, though, don't you think? The fit is fierce and sure to flatter every single one of your curves. I love the way the bodice clings, then the skirt falls so softly. The color is amazing, too – it's so rich, yet it's perfect for summer at the same time.


ASOS CURVE Smock Dress with Short Sleeve

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Here's another casual, low-key dress that's ideal for chill summer get-togethers. I love dresses like this – simple, chic, a little plain, in a neutral color so you can really go wild with your hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories. How would you wear a dress like this?


ASOS CURVE Midi Dress in Bird Print

clothing, sleeve, day dress, lilac, dress, Get it here:

I am in love with this dress! Midi dresses are typically pretty anyway – that vintage vibe, you know – but this one … wow. The print, the sleeves, the bodice, the silhouette – I think I might have to get this one for myself, to be honest!


ASOS CURVE Pleated Sheer & Solid Midi Dress

clothing, color, electric blue, dress, cocktail dress, Get it here:

And finally, you can pick this pretty piece. Doesn't it scream “summer” to you? What I really adore about this dress is that skirt. Can't you imagine whirling and twirling in a dress like this? And, the palette – white bodice, blue skirt – is very summery, too. Nautical, even.

For your next summer party, why not treat yourself with a new dress? Or maybe you have another go-to outfit in mind – let us know!

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Come on! There are much better choices!!

While I wasn't greatly impressed with the dresses I was very impressed that an article on curvy girls actually had curvy girls modelling in it - good job!

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