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9 Stylish Swimsuits for plus-Sized Girls ...

By Lyndsie

As a voluptuous girl myself, I know the utter hell that is trying on new bathing suits. It seems, too, like there's nothing attractive out there if you have to look for a plus-sized one piece or two piece. The good news is, there are stylish swimsuits for plus-sized girls hiding out there – you just have to know where to look! Which happens to be here, because I've done all the legwork and looked for you. Why? Because I love y'all, that's why!

1 Miraclesuit Sonatina Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Sonatina SwimsuitPrice: $142.00 at
Now, I know that might seem like a huge amount to pay for a suit, but listen now. Evidently, the Miraclesuit really does create miracles. Not only is this a stylish swimsuit for plus-sized girls, but it also slims you, mostly thanks to the shirring there at the waist. The cups on the breasts are extremely flattering as well – and you can get it in berry or uber-slimming black!

2 Forever 21+ Ruffled Floral Swimsuit

Forever 21+ Ruffled Floral SwimsuitPrice: $29.80 at
Sometimes, the worst thing a curly girl can do is wear bright colors like this – but that depends on your individual body type. Some voluptuous body types lend themselves beautifully to stunning colors like this, you just have to know your shape. Once you do, you might find that the colors and silhouette of this suit are just what you need.


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3 Bathing Beauty One Piece in Red

Bathing Beauty One Piece in RedPrice: $89.99 at
Can I just say that this is one of the most gorgeous, stylish swimsuits for plus-sized girls I've ever seen in my entire life? I love retro swimsuits, absolutely adore them, and as you're going to see, ModCloth has tons of them. The Bathing Beauty comes in lots of colors, as it happens, all of them gorgeous and somehow elegant, but I'm just all over the red. The halter shape, plus the ruching over the front of the suit, make for a really flattering silhouette.

4 Tommy Bahama Pearl Halter Tankini

Tommy Bahama Pearl Halter TankiniPrice: $102.00 at
Tankinis are awesome inventions, especially if you're a full figured lady who doesn't want to cover up entirely. Why should you? As you can see, you can still look stunning in your suit. You just have to know what to look for – and let me tell you, any time you see ruching or shirring, you're good to go.

5 Forever 21+ Watercolor Feathers Swimsuit

Forever 21+ Watercolor Feathers SwimsuitPrice: $27.80 at
Being a fan of feathers myself, I really like this print. I also like the unique design on the dual straps. Asymmetry is always a good bet, if only because it lures the eye away from the areas with which you might not be comfortable. There's also elastic under the bust line, which gives the girls a lift and provides a beautiful shape.

6 Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece

Beach Blanket Bingo One PiecePrice: $89.99 at
This might not be an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny polka dotted bikini, but it's still cuter than kittens! You get a bottom with a high waist here, which helps hold in the tummy. Again, check out that halter neck – it's extremely flattering, in addition to being super stylish!

7 In a Daze-y Two Piece

In a Daze-y Two PiecePrice: $89.99 at
However, if you want a bikini, here you go! This is more than a stylish swimsuit for plus-sized girls, it's stylish no matter what your size! Retro swimsuits are all the rage, and this one takes that whole idea to the max. With the bottoms, you get a skirt, but it doesn't look like you're trying to cover up or hide anything, it's just pretty!

8 Forever 21+ Striped Tankini Top & Skirted Bottom

Forever 21+ Striped Tankini Top & Skirted BottomPrice: $34.80 at
Of course, some girls feel more comfortable with a bit more coverage. With the tankini, you can get all that while still wearing a two piece. Now, if you have a short torso, these horizontal stripes aren't going to be your best bet, but if you have a longer one, you should be fine in spite of that whole stripe rule. Besides, the mix of colors throws that whole rule off track a little bit.

9 Rainbow Graph Two Piece

Rainbow Graph Two PiecePrice: $89.99 at
Ooh, plaid! Plaid, plaid, plaid! This suit proves that if you're full figured and you do want to wear a bikini, you don't need that big long skirt. Look at how gorgeous that body is! Again, you get a high waist with ruching, and the legs are low cut. So, you get some help and some protection, but you aren't hiding behind a lot of fabric.

There are literally tons of stylish swimsuits for plus-sized girls, they're just hiding in between those more hideous ones. You don't have to hide on the beach, and you don't have to avoid it. You can look absolutely gorgeous if you choose the right kind of suit. Do you have any swimsuit tips to share, for girls of any figure?

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