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21 Super Corny Christmas Sweaters That'll Put You in the Holiday Mood ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're trying to win your office party's ugly sweater contest, or you're looking for a unique gift for the white elephant exchange, you've got to check out these awesome (and awesomely bad) holiday-themed sweaters. Now. RIGHT NOW.

1 Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus Price: $49.95 at
He's the reason for the season, after all.

2 Romantic Sasquatch

Price: $54.95 at
You know, after No-Shave November, my boyfriend actually does kind of look like this...

4 Meowy Christmas Sweater Dress

Meowy Christmas Sweater Dress Price: $54.95 at
Pair with your favorite leggings and ankle boots, and you'll have a look every granny on the block will want to steal.

5 Lazer Cat Eyes

Price: $69.95 at
Well, that's on explanation for why Santa didn't show up at your house on Christmas.

6 Puffball Sweater

Puffball Sweater Price: $89.95 at
I can't decide what's better/worse, the puffballs or the suspenders.

7 Break the North Pole

Price: $69.95 at
Who knew Santa had so many Instagram followers, even more than Kim K?

8 Two Person Sweater

Two Person Sweater Price: $89.95 at
I have no words.

10 Bah Humpug

Price: $69.95 at
Two words: cuteness overload. You'd take last place in the ugly sweater contest, but you'd win in every other way.

11 Dreamy Narwhal

Dreamy Narwhal Price: $79.95 at
All that's missing is your mermaid leggings and you're set to be the belle (or Ariel) of the ball (or office party).

12 Dreidel Sweater

Dreidel Sweater Price: $54.95 at
Now you'll win the ugly sweater contest at the Hanukkah party, too.

13 Feliz Navi-dog

Price: $54.95 at
Again, this is way too cute to win you any ugly prizes.

14 Snowman Cardi

Price: $79.95 at
Pull-overs aren't for everyone, hence this candy-cane colored cardigan.

15 Censored Santa

Price: $34.95 at
This is what happens when St. Nick has too much eggnog at the North Pole party.

16 Santa's Ride

Santa's Ride Price: $79.95 at
Rudolph? He's an urban legend. Santa's always flown under unicorn power, my dear.

17 Happy Llamakkah

Happy Llamakkah Price: $69.95 at
This little llama likes to celebrate, too.

18 Drinking Game Sweater

Drinking Game Sweater Price: $89.95 at
A sweater AND a drinking game, all in one!

19 Centaur Claus

Centaur Claus Price: $54.95 at
Ohh... I thought you said "Centaur Claus" ... well, this is awkward...

20 There's Waldo!

Price: $49.95 at
Answering the question that's been plaguing generations of party-goers and home-bodies alike.

21 Gold Bow

Price: $54.95 at
You might not have noticed, but this sweater has a very subtle gold bow on the front.

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