8 Sweet Holiday Themed Sweaters ...


Holiday themed sweaters usually get a bad rap. Snowman knits? Reindeer motifs? They’re not what you’d usually associate with fashion and style. However, the recent trend towards novelty sweaters this season makes the holiday themed sweater a bit more acceptable. Try a simple printed motif or a stylish pattern to make this trend work. Embrace the holiday season with these stylish holiday themed sweaters.

1. Star Sweater

Star Sweater

Choosing a loosely themed festive sweater like on with a star print will make it much more wearable. When it’s not topping your Christmas tree, make sure it’s on your clothing for a fun take on holiday themed sweaters. Get your star print fix with sweaters by Richard Nicoll, Wildfox, or BDG at Urban Outfitters.

Crystal Embellished Sweater
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