7 Supportive Bras That Won't Hurt during Workouts ...


Your workout is hard enough without having to wrestle to keep The Girls under control, right? That's why you probably need a fitness bra that's both supportive and comfy: so you can focus on your run or your cross-training and not what's going on up top. Here are a few fab fitness bras that will get the job done and which, remarkably, won't hurt.

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Medium Impact Full Coverage Active Bra by Fullbeauty SPORT™

Medium Impact Full Coverage Active Bra by Fullbeauty SPORT™ fullbeauty.com
Available in a range of sizes from 38C to 48G, this bra can get the job done, for sure! It's made for medium-impact workouts - stay off the trampoline! - and it comes in two colors, black and grey or pink and grey.


Firm Impact Motion Control Active Bra by Glamorise®

Firm Impact Motion Control Active Bra by Glamorise® fullbeauty.com
This fitness top also comes in lots of sizes, from 38B to 44DD, and it's designed to provide all the support you need for a high-intensity workout.


Athleta Hullabraloo Bra

Athleta Hullabraloo Bra Choose your size (32B to 38D) and your color (black, blue, nude or orange), lace up your trainers, and load your butt-kicking playlist.


Sports Bra by Panache

Sports Bra by Panache Most high-impact, loads-of-support sport bras don't include underwire, but this one does! It comes in sizes 32C to 40DD and two colors, black or pink.


Rebound Racer Bra by Moving Comfort®

Rebound Racer Bra by Moving Comfort® I have one of these, and I wear it on distance day. It's available in 32B to 38DD and comes in five colors.



RBX HIGH IMPACT RACERBACK This is by far my face fitness brand - it's affordable and their sports bras are the best! This one's available in six hot hues and four sizes (small through XL). Another plus? The wide shoulder straps, which are comfy and don't cut into your skin.


Champion C9 Champion® Compression Sports Bra

Champion C9 Champion® Compression Sports Bra I've never worn a sports bra that manages The Girls so well, and that's so comfortable. Available in sizes 1X to 4X, and in a range of six colors, there's really no reason not to try one!

Which of these sports bras have you tried, and what did you think? Or is there another "makes The Girls behave" bra you can recommend?

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I always use shock absorber but some of these look pretty good

Victoria Secret has excellent sports bra I own many I love it

I'm going to see if these are available in the UK.

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