This is How Kendall and Kylie Topshop Swimwear Looks on a Real Woman ...


I've been dying to try the Kendall and Kylie Topshop Swimwear collection for weeks now, but ... I've been busy? Far too busy to try on swimsuits and (possibly) spend the rest of the day crying and questioning my dietary and exercise choices since I was six. Because truly, I loathe swimsuit shopping. But guess what? Writer Maya Allen, an actual woman with an actual real-life woman's body, tried on a few of their pieces, and she shared some dressing room photos and reviews. Here's what Maya had to say.

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Strappy One Piece, Topshop Version

clothing, electric blue, physical fitness, leg, arm, This is what it looks like, in blue, on Kendall. Gorgeous, right? But how will it look on an actual non-supermodel?


Strappy One Piece, Maya's Front View

clothing, fetish model, black hair, footwear, leg, This is what it looks like on Maya, front view. She says, "I loved the plunging scoop neckline, low-cut straps in the back, and the comfortable nylon material of the suit."


Strappy One Piece, Maya's Back View

physical fitness, jumping, r227, AWA, The logo on the straps is a little obnoxious, no? Maya says, "Wasn't that into the branded "Kendall + Kylie" logo on the straps. It's a little aggressive for my taste..."


White Bikini, Topshop Version

clothing, supermodel, black hair, leg, thigh, Stunning! I love how the white pops against her tan.


White Bikini, Maya's View

clothing, thigh, leg, costume, lady, Maya loved this bikini, and she looks amazing in it! Here's what she had to say, "I could see myself pairing this simple bikini with a colorful cover-up and maybe even a beach hat."


Wetsuit Bikini Top, Topshop Version

clothing, person, black hair, model, profession, Kylie looks fantastic in this wetsuit-inspired bikini top. But how will it look on a mere mortal?


Wetsuit Bikini Top, Maya's Version

clothing, costume, thigh, leg, strength training, I think this looks stellar on Maya - it's such a good color for her, and that zipper adds just the right amount of detail. It's not her favorite though; she says, "It's not horrible, but I wouldn't buy it."


Gold Monokini, Topshop Version

clothing, hair, black hair, beauty, hairstyle, So exotic! Of course the model looks stunning in this one-piece with cutouts...


Gold Monokini, Maya's Version

clothing, fetish model, black hair, thigh, costume, Oh my gosh, I think this might be my favorite on Maya. She's killing it, and she knows it! In her own words, "Gold + a plunging neckline + cutouts = so me. I've never been afraid of a statement piece and this sexy one-piece is just that. The way the gold suit stood out on my dark skin tone made this one of my faves."


Two Print Suits, Topshop Version

clothing, model, swimwear, beauty, supermodel, I love the off-the-shoulder "Bardot" top and the prints are lush without being distracting or loud.


Bardot Print Suit, Maya's Version

clothing, costume, showgirl, lingerie, In real life, Maya had an issue with the off-the-shoulder top, though, "How am I going to swim (like the mermaid I truly am) in this?" Good question!


Print Monokini, Maya's Version

clothing, footwear, costume, thigh, shoe, This is so pretty on, but it's not quite Maya's thing, because of the print. She says, "Don't get me wrong, I love palm trees, but not enough to wear a shit-ton of them all over my bathing suit."


Print Monokini, Maya's Closeup

clothing, footwear, thigh, costume, leg, Okay, so this is EXACTLY the reason I'm glad an actual real woman tried this suit on: we ALL have marks like this! Maya says, "Say hello to my (beautiful) stretch marks that are showing in this suit. And shout-out to the other women out there that have them!"

After seeing how fantastic Maya looks in all of these pieces, I'm ready to head out and try them on myself! Which one of these suits do you like best?

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They both look like "real women". If your referring to Maya being bigger as making her a real women fhat's just offensive tbh

this was on 17 app and yeah I agree with Jess Jaya what do you mean 'real woman' like 😂😂 are you saying with curves with stuff because honestly you're real woman in any body type like that's not cool

"Real women" means no creative posing, lighting designed to be perfectly flattering, shape wear and padding sewn into the suit, and photoshop. You know. How really women will really look in the real bathing suit.

She looks bomb in these suits 😍



She looks so good in these tho 😍

"Real women" because I don't have giant boobs and curves...I'm not a real women? People complain about body shaming but then do it to other people. Some people (such as myself) are skinny naturally but that doesn't make me any less of a women! Rude

Pretty sure Kendall is a 'real' and 'actual' women. Just as much as Maya.

@Jess Jaya ur very right, I didn't like how they were trying to say she isn't a real woman 🤔😑

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