The Greatest Leak-Proof Bathing Suit That Let's You Swim on Your Period ...


The worst thing in the world is getting your period right before a big day at the beach with your friends. Even though you could rely on tampons to keep everything in place, there's always a chance that a little blood will leak out. That's why PantyProp invented leak proof bathing suits!

They were made especially for women "who use sanitary pads because of special health needs, urine leaks, or simply a discomfort with using tampons or menstrual cups during their periods." The best part? They're only around $35 and they look just like regular bathing suit bottoms!

According to Self, you shouldn't worry about getting your period in Summer anymore, because you'll be able to have fun during any time of the month with this hot new product!

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I want them


And where i can find them or at least give a name please

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