Lingerie You'll Want to Wear on Valentine's Day ...


You don't want to slip into lingerie that's super uncomfortable. Not to worry, because there are some pieces that are as cozy as they are sexy. According to Fashion Magazine here are a few pieces of lingerie that are perfect for Valentine's Day:

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Chantilly Lace Triangle Bra

Chantilly Lace Triangle Bra It's $63 on


High Waisted Briefs

High Waisted Briefs This is $63 on


Tropical Lace Unlined Bralette

Tropical Lace Unlined Bralette This is only $23 on


Athens Bra

Athens Bra This is $58 on


Calvin Klein Classic Logo Thong

Calvin Klein Classic Logo Thong This is only $20 on


5. Side Lace Panties

5. Side Lace Panties This is a whopping $150 on

Would you wear any of these?

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No 6 screams... Supahottie !!!

I don't think any of these is suitable for my body.. :(

@katie I'm wondering also!

I love lace underwear but its not just for valentines day!! Heheheh

I don't like high waisted panties they're like the underwear equivalent of mom jeans :\

Side lace panties would be nice in black ✔

Really loved the cover photo. Any idea where that's from?

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