The Hottest Coat Trends That'll Keep You Warm ...


The Hottest Coat Trends That'll Keep You Warm ...
The Hottest Coat Trends That'll Keep You Warm ...

Coat trends are always my favorite trends to follow in the winter. There’s just something so fun about being trendy when it comes to outerwear in the winter! I have a theory that because most people see us in our outerwear in the winter, it’s important for our coats to be trendy and stylish, almost even more so than what we’re wearing underneath! It’s such an easy way to stay stylish when you’re wearing tons of layers of clothes and trying to stay warm!

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Long Trench

Long Trench Long trench coats are perfect for the super model in all of us. They’re long and dramatic, and can instantly add some pizzazz to any outfit you’re wearing. Bored with your basic pieces? Add a trench coat! This is one coat trend that we will see for years to come!


Well Tailored

I’m not even sure if this is a trend, because let’s be real, does a well-tailored coat ever go out of style? I really don’t think so. If you’re looking for a style to wear this winter that will be cute and keep you warm, you truly can’t go wrong with a coat that fits perfectly!


Long and Tailored at the Waist

Long and Tailored at the Waist I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest fashion pet peeves is when someone is wearing a gorgeous dress, and then the look is completely ruined by throwing a coat that ends at the waist over it. Pair your beautiful holiday party dress with a long coat that’s tailored at the waist for the ultimate party ensemble!


Lots and Lots of Fur

Lots and Lots of Fur Fur is without a doubt one of the biggest trends of the fall and winter seasons this year. Of course, I mean faux fur, and I’m sure that you’d agree that you’ve seen it everywhere this year. Whether you want to wear it as a vest or as a huge, furball-esque coat, you really can’t go wrong by jumping on this major trend.



Plaid Plaid is my go-to holiday trend, and I’m sure that a lot of you would agree. There’s just something so festive about wearing plaid that isn’t too garish or in your face. If you’re wearing an entirely monochromatic outfit, this is the perfect way to throw a statement piece into the mix!


A Cape

A Cape There is just something so fashionable about wearing capes! I can’t determine what exactly it is, but it makes me feel like I’m walking down a runway or something! If you’re looking for something that’s both trendy and classic, you really need to try wearing a cape this winter! It will keep you warm and cozy without sacrificing your fashion sense!


A Bomber Jacket

A Bomber Jacket If you’re a rocker girl looking for a little edge to your winter outerwear, a bomber jacket is a must. It’s edgy like a leather jacket but it’s lined to make sure that you don’t freeze to death when the weather starts getting super cold. It’s the perfect compromise!

What’s your favorite outerwear trend to rock? Do you like any of these trends? Will you wear them this year or do you tend to go for an outerwear look that’s just a little more classic in the winter? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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