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Girls' Guide to Wearing Crop Tops in the Cold ...

By Holly

The weather is getting nicer, but it's still a bit chilly. Of course, if you're ready to wear your crop tops, then you don't have to worry. Here are a few different ways you can style them when it's still a little cold out:

1 Long Sleeves and High Waisted Jeans

black, clothing, dress, outerwear, footwear,Not all crop tops are short sleeved, you know. There are plenty of long sleeved ones that will keep your arms warm in the cold.

2 Long Sleeves and High Waisted Skirt

clothing, road, street, footwear, fashion,If you want to keep yourself warm, make sure you wear something high waisted with your crop tops. That way, you won't have a lot of skin exposed.

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3 Super High Waisted Jeans

clothing, denim, jeans, footwear, street,If you can find jeans that reach far enough up your stomach, then you won't have to show any skin at all. Of course, you'll still look amazing, because high waisted jeans will make your booty appear outstanding.

4 Flannel Shirt

white, clothing, dress, fashion, spring,If your crop top shows off way too much skin, all you have to do is put something over it. Instead of putting on a heavy jacket, just put on a light button down shirt, instead.

5 Sweater

clothing, winter, footwear, fashion, outerwear,Sweaters like this were created for a reason. They weren't meant to be worn on their own. They're meant to be worn with outfits like this!

6 Lace Sleeves

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, lingerie, latex clothing,Lace is sexy, because it allows you to show off your skin without actually exposing it. That means you'll stay warm in the cold!

7 Ripped Jeans and a Bomber Jacket

clothing, denim, jeans, jacket, leather,Crop tops can make you look girly. Of course, if you'd rather look edgy, then pair your top with some ripped jeans, sneakers, and a bomber jacket.

8 Stripes and a Pencil Skirt

clothing, footwear, sleeve, dress, spring,Crop tops aren't unprofessional. If you wear them like this, with a pencil skirt and only a sliver of skin, they'll be appropriate for work.

9 Knee-Length Skirt

clothing, dress, pink, spring, fashion,If you're going to wear a crop top, you probably shouldn't wear a tight mini skirt with it. Leave a little to the imagination by wearing a long and loose skirt, instead.

10 Sleeveless Top

black, clothing, footwear, beauty, dress,If you have long hair, wear it down when you wear a sleeveless crop top. It'll help keep your shoulders and back warm.

11 Flannel Shirt and Regular Jeans

hairstyle, thigh, fashion, supermodel, abdomen,You don't have to wear high waisted jeans with your crop tops. If you're comfortable showing off your stomach, you can wear regular jeans. Just add a flannel shirt, so you can cover up if you get too cold.

Hippiechick27 looks more like a bra than a crop top 🤔...

12 Stylish Jacket and Glasses

clothing, road, footwear, outerwear, street,Don't forget the importance of accessories! If you want to stay warm, put on a jacket. You can even add a scarf or some sunglasses.

13 Long Sleeved Turtleneck

green, clothing, dress, gown, formal wear,If you want to stay warm, buy a crop top that doubles as a turtleneck.

14 Off the Shoulder Top

clothing, footwear, spring, denim, season,This is a cute look that won't make you shiver. After all, there's only a sliver of your stomach and shoulders showing.

15 Low in the Back

color, road, clothing, red, street,There are crop tops that are high in the front, but low in the back. They should keep you nice and toasty.

16 Matching Shirt and Skirt

clothing, person, woman, girl, lady,There are stores that sell crop tops and matching skirts. That way, you won't have to struggle to find something to wear with it.

17 Layers

clothing, fur clothing, fur, coat, outerwear,If you want to stay warm, all you have to do is add more layers!

Crop tops can look amazing on women of any age and body shape, so you should definitely buy a few! How many crop tops do you currently own?

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