Photos That Prove Extra Long Sleeves Are Now in Style ...

By Holly

Photos That Prove Extra Long Sleeves Are Now in Style ...

When you're cold in winter, you'll want your hands to be covered. If you don't have gloves, then you should just wear shirts with super long sleeves. According to Glamour Magazine. it's all the rage now! Take a look:

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1 Red

As long as the tops of your fingers are poking out, your jewelry will still be visible.

2 Black

Doesn't this look nice and cozy?

For those venturing out, consider trying the unique influence of extra long sleeves on current fashion trends when going clubbing for the first time. Not only are they edgy and different, but they also provide a sense of comfort and novelty that's sure to stand out in the crowd. These designs can be versatile too; from people watching a game to attending casual events, the long sleeve aesthetic never fails to make a style statement.

3 White

It's not a fashion faux pas to let your sleeves hang down out of your jacket.

4 Cream

If you have a gorgeous bag, no one will be looking at your sleeves, anyway.

5 Plain White

Doesn't that look stylish?

6 Brown

The best type of sweaters are oversized ones!

Do you ever wear shirts with super long sleeves?

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I love when my sleeves are really long, it makes me feel so cozy

I personally won't take part in this trend. If I won't to keep my hand warm and cozy, I'll put on my gloves. I won't pull down my sleeves. Hey, I'm sure other girls would rock this look. Go girls, strut your stuff with this trend if you like :-)

I am loving the gucci bag

It's funny. The extra long sleeves will probably be normal size for me lolol tallgirlproblems

If I want*

Extra long sleeves? not bad at all

@Pearlfect: I feel you, girl. My arms are long and i do appreciate a little extra length. 😋

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