The Hottest Fashion Colors for Countries around the World ...


The Hottest Fashion Colors for Countries around the World ...
The Hottest Fashion Colors for Countries around the World ...

We know we have to take statistics with a pinch of salt. After all, as Benjamin Disraeli said, “There are three types of lies -- lies, damn lies, and statistics.” However, they can also be a bit of fun. I happened upon the results of a survey from a fashion analytics firm which showed our favorite clothes colors by country based on sales. Let’s see if you follow or buck the trend.

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Neutral in the United States

clothing, outerwear, overcoat, coat, sleeve, A mixture of blacks, greys and whites are apparently the most common clothing colors in the US, and this could have something do with the fact that the working nature of the country skews towards more professional, conservative dress codes. You can never go wrong with a grey suit or a little black dress, and obviously, the American public think the same!


Navy Blue in the United Kingdom

hair, clothing, leg, black hair, dress, Like the US, there is a definite trend for blacks and greys in the UK, but something that stands out is an equally large trend towards navy blue. Navy blue has long been associated with royalty, with Royal Navy an actual color, so perhaps the once noble tradition has filtered down in to the everyday fashion choices of the Brits!


Pink in India

pink, clothing, maroon, magenta, sleeve, Pink and red shades are historically popular colors in India, perhaps because they help a woman to really stand out if she chooses these shades for her sari. Also, there is a belief that in India the gender bias for colors like pink and lighter shades of red is not so strong as certain places in the West, and as a result, the color is more popular with men also.


Black in Sweden

clothing, footwear, dress, fashion, leg, Sweden and Scandinavia in general tends to experience a lot of cold weather throughout the year, and their preference for black and grey shades could be an indicator of garments that provide a lot of warmth. Of course, with black, you also have the added bonus of the color never really going out of style, so it’s a safe bet when making choices of what to add to your wardrobe.


White in Brazil

clothing, wedding dress, dress, gown, photography, White is a clean, crisp shade to wear, and perhaps the endless sun and sand of Brazil encourage people to wear it more than any other color. The culture, food and music of Brazil is so vivid, vibrant and colorful already, maybe fashion tends towards white to balance all of that carnival atmosphere and create an interesting dynamic.


Grey in Spain

clothing, footwear, shoe, jeans, sneakers, Grey, black and white would be some of the last colors I would think of if somebody asked me about the clothing choices of Spain, but for such a hot and feisty Mediterranean country, the country actually trends very conservatively compared to others in Europe. Once again black and grey dominate the pie chart when it comes to colors.


White in China

hair, clothing, dress, fashion, hairstyle, Though red is definitely a color that the world associates with China, when it comes to fashion the fact is that Chinese people care very little for excessive color, with white and grey being the go to shades for the majority. They choose to express their enjoyment of color in other areas of life like festivals.


Blue in France

clothing, trench coat, coat, blue, outerwear, It is not surprising that a country whose sports teams are nicknamed ‘Les Blues’ carries on the love of that color in to every day fashion. Navy blue in particular is very popular among the French, and it is the very same color that national teams wear when playing matches.


Black in Italy

clothing, dress, footwear, fashion, tights, Italy and the people who come from Italy are always going to be fashionable, and it is no surprise that they also favor a color that is never, ever going to go out of style. Black dominates Italian fashion, giving an effortlessly chic image of Italian people in their suits and little black dresses!

Open you closet door and find your dominant color. Does it match the above?

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