8 Worst Fashion Trends That Need to Go in 2017 ...


8 Worst  Fashion Trends That Need to Go in 2017 ...
8 Worst  Fashion Trends That Need to Go in 2017 ...

These are the trends that I personally have never liked and they shouldn't be in existence anymore. It's time to move forward and maybe then we can come up with trends for 2017 that actually work and that deserve to stick around.

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jeans, denim, clothing, blue, fashion model, Ladies we are not in the 90's anymore. There's a reason this wasn't brought back until now. Now we gotta kill this awful trend once and for all.



hair, beauty, hairstyle, human hair color, forehead, Scrunchies are more 80's but they did exist in the 90's and early 2000's. I haven't worn a scrunchie since I was 5. Ladies it's not cute anymore. It's only cute if you're 5!



jeans, denim, clothing, footwear, fashion model, It is beyond me to why people think these sandals are cute. Jesus shoes are a no no!



clothing, blazer, jeans, shoulder, snapshot, Oh hell no! These look like button ups for babies. Also they look like leotards and one piece swimsuits. Just no!



hair, eyewear, human hair color, hairstyle, sunglasses, The only reason you should be wearing glasses is if you actually need them. Just stop okay.



red, coat, fashion, fashion model, outerwear, I hate the whole fashionable bowling shoe look. Bowling shoes are meant for bowling and shouldn't be worn as an every day thing. That's just my opinion.



leggings, tights, shoulder, fashion model, leg, Tights aren't meant to be worn all by themselves. Buy yourself some jeans, hon.



photograph, clothing, standing, outerwear, suit, It's not "Hammer Time" anymore. Hammer pants aren't cute and it makes you look like you're wearing a diaper. Just wear regular sweatpants that actually look good.

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Yes calling them Jesus sandals is alittle offensive. They are gladiators. Just find the right term for them

Honestly none of these are bad trends I think maybe you just haven't found the right ones for you? Scrunchies and hammer pants are the only ones I think need to go tbh

I must be out of touch. I like most of the trends especially the body suits.

I like non prescription glasses they are cute

Hahaha funny, you're mostly right, but some young girls didn't know how much all these things were worn ages ago and think they're being innovative.

They are gladiators, not Jesus Sandals, and leggings, not tights. Overalls never went anywhere, especially if you are from the country. I am a dancer, so I see not problem with bodysuits.

I agree with all these,they all suck

Scrunchies need to go

Who wrote this? They obviously have not one clue on fashion & style, rather not say trend. 🙄

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