The Sweetest Summer Dresses You Can Find for under $50 ...

I personally believe that the best time to wear dresses is in the summer. There’s just something so fun about the breeziness of wearing a dress when the weather’s nice and you’re not freezing to death! If you agree with me, you need to check out this list of affordable summer dresses I compiled. I picked from all different styles to find something that I’m sure everyone will love. This list will surprise you with just how cheap some of these dresses are. Believe me, a few of these price tags shocked me, so get them while you can!

1. Watercolor Tie-Dye

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I think that this watercolor number is meant to look like an abstract floral print, which is why it’s so perfect for the summer. Plus, the body-con look paired with the bright, fun colors make it easy to dress up or down depending on where you’re wearing the dress!

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