Pretty in Pink 21 Sundresses That Will Make Jaws Drop ...

By Eliza

Pink is a fun and feminine color that you must incorporate into your summer closet. Sundresses in all shades of pink are the obvious choice. You can find them in all shapes and sizes and any girl looks fabulous in a sundress. Here are some fantastic options in all price ranges to round out your summer wardrobe. Here's to warm nights, great friends, and even better clothes.

1 Mod Cloth Mid Length

Mod Cloth Mid Length

2 Tile Print

Tile Print

3 Easy and Breezy

Easy and Breezy

4 Dip Dye in Dark Pink

Dip Dye in Dark Pink

5 Vintage Lace

Vintage Lace

6 Pink Racerback

Pink Racerback

7 Central Park Picnic Dress

Central Park Picnic Dress

8 Marc Jacobs Pink and White

Marc Jacobs Pink and White

9 Dark Pink Party Dress

Dark Pink Party Dress

10 Adorable Polka Dots

Adorable Polka Dots

11 Pleated Summer Dress

Pleated Summer Dress

12 Slim Silhouette

Slim Silhouette

13 Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired

14 Sheer Skirt

Sheer Skirt

15 A Little Bit of Lace

A Little Bit of Lace

16 Pale Pink with Lace

Pale Pink with Lace

17 Pink with White Flowers

Pink with White Flowers

18 Two Layers

Two Layers

19 Sexy and Edgy

Sexy and Edgy

20 Strappy and Beaded

Strappy and Beaded

21 Cut out and Beautiful

Cut out and Beautiful

Which one are you drooling over? Don't you think summer is so much better when you're wearing a sundress? Now, what shoes are you going to wear?

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