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These Fashion Inspired Cakes Will Make You Drool ...

By Sheila

Fashion has never looked this delicious!

1 For the Louis Vuitton Girl

For the Louis Vuitton Girl

2 Fashion Books

Fashion Books

3 Gucci Inspired

Gucci Inspired

4 If You Love Shoes

If You Love Shoes

5 Classy Chanel

Classy Chanel

6 Pleated Watercolors

Pleated Watercolors

7 Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris

8 For the Shopaholic

For the Shopaholic

9 Pretty Box and Shoes

Pretty Box and Shoes

10 Chanel Cupcakes

Chanel Cupcakes

11 True to Life Coach Bag

True to Life Coach Bag

12 Lace Shoe

Lace Shoe

13 Tiffany and Jimmy Choo

Tiffany and Jimmy Choo

14 Pink and White

Pink and White

15 Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York

16 From Dress to Cake

From Dress to Cake

17 Shoes, Makeup, and Bags

Shoes, Makeup, and Bags

18 Fit for a Diva

Fit for a Diva

19 Quirky and Fun

Quirky and Fun

20 Absolutely Darling

Absolutely Darling

21 Bows and Flowers

Bows and Flowers

22 For Coach Fans

For Coach Fans

23 So Elegant

So Elegant

24 A Touch of Paris

A Touch of Paris

25 Black, White, and Chanel

Black, White, and Chanel

26 Louboutin Inspired

Louboutin Inspired

27 Ruffled Bag

Ruffled Bag

28 The Dress

The Dress

29 So Many Shoes

So Many Shoes

30 Adorable Miniatures

Adorable Miniatures

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