25 Floral Dresses to Fall for This Spring ...


Floral dresses are a spring staple. Even if you think you're not into florals or bright colors that come along with florals, I promise that you'll find a floral dress on this list that you'll fall in love with!

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Breezy Florals

clothing,sleeve,dress,gown,cocktail dress, Source: Embroidery Back Zipper Mid Waist
This off-white dress is so breezy and the dark blue floral adds such a chic touch.


Blue Poppy

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,pattern, Source: Silk Printed Dress - Brooks
I love that this dress starts out as blue poppies and then turns into just a solid blue dress, but you can still see the different poppies. It's such a fun take on florals.


Hydrangea Dress

clothing,pink,swimwear,dress,pattern, Source: 9 summer dresses every girl
It's pretty common that you see floral dresses, but when was the last time you saw a floral dress that was made up of hydrangeas? The style is so cute and unique too!


Hot Pink for Spring

clothing,pink,dress,spring,fashion, Source: Home
Not only are the colors absolutely beautiful in this dress, but the pattern is too. The way that the flowers float down until you're just left with petals is so unique and fun.


Neutral Take on Florals

clothing,dress,gown,wedding dress,bridal clothing, Source: Fall Into Fashion/ Beautifully Modest
When you think of florals, you probably think of loud patterns and bright colors. This dress is neither of those, which makes it so unique, and so pretty for spring. This dress looks like you're wearing a painting on your dress!


Black and Bright

dress,clothing,pink,purple,gown, Source: High-End Retro Sleeveless Vest Skir
If you're someone who prides themselves on the lack of color in your wardrobe, this is the perfect way to wear florals. The dark color is still muted, but the floral adds the perfect touch of color!


Colorful Explosion

clothing,dress,gown,child,pattern, Source: Vintage Charming Contrast Color Flo
This dress isn't particularly ombré, but the way that the floral explodes in the middle of the dress and then dissipates beautifully.


Lime Green Floral

dress,clothing,green,yellow,beauty, Source: 40 Beautiful Sleeveless Outfits For
Midi dresses are so in style this spring, and the lime green color adds a great, retro touch.


Sophisticated Floral

clothing,dress,spring,pattern,fashion, Source: In Bloom / Blog
For the grown-up in you, this sophisticated look was designed by none other than Valentino!


Watercolor Floral

clothing,pink,product,sleeve,t shirt, Source: Idreammart Vintage Women's Ivory Acetate
Water color paintings are beautiful on paper, but they're even more beautiful on a dress like this!


Retro Yellow

clothing,woman,dress,wedding dress,fashion, Source: 26 Fashion Rules You Should
Retro and mod style is so in style this spring, and this mustard yellow color instantly comes to mind when I think of retro!


Navy and White

dress,clothing,day dress,gown,pattern, Source: Navy Bliss Floral Tea Dress
I'm really loving navy and white this spring, and this dress is perfect if you're loving the trend too!


More Watercolor

color,clothing,person,human positions,image, Source: Latest Fashion Trends 2013 For
This is one of my favorite dresses I've ever come across on the Internet, and I don't usually like maxi dresses. The white dress that turns into a colorful watercolor pattern is so beautiful!


Blue and White

clothing,blue,dress,gown,pattern, Source: How to Accessorize Bridesmaid Dresses
I'm a sucker for anything that's blue and white because it reminds me of a Mediterranean vacation, and this flower pattern takes that to a whole new level!


A Beautiful Garden

dress,clothing,wedding dress,gown,cocktail dress, Source: 51 Beautiful City Hall Wedding
Have you ever seen anything like this dress? The way that it's cut on her back, it almost looks like she has a garden growing on her back. It's so simple yet stunning!


Purple Florals

clothing,dress,costume,fashion,spring, Source: Bariano Special Effects Purple Floral
These purple and blue florals go so well together.


Body Con Dress

clothing,dress,sleeve,pink,cocktail dress, Often, when you find a floral dress, it's a sundress, so it's not exactly tight. This is a rare find, though, because you rarely find a body-con dress with a floral pattern!


Romantic Floral

dress,clothing,gown,wedding dress,beauty, Source: a destination wedding set amongst
This blush color paired with the pinks and purples in the dress makes this such a romantic dress choice!


Large Floral with a Bright Pop of Color

dress,clothing,day dress,pink,sleeve, Source: Kate Spade Invites You To
I think this bright pop of green is so fun and it pairs so well with the pink.


Unique Floral

clothing,dress,spring,season,fashion, Source: Floral Jacquard Sleeveless A-line Skater
Like I said, I'm a sucker for anything blue and white, and this dress is no exception. It's almost french country, but it's also so modern!


Off-the-Shoulder Kaleidoscope

clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,spring, Source: ASOS Vintage Midi Bardot Dress
The off-the-shoulder look of this is so pretty and chic, and the pattern almost looks like you're looking into a kaleidoscope! It's such a different take on floral.


Purple Floral Gown

dress,clothing,day dress,pink,gown, Source: Bariano Special Effects Purple Floral
I think this dress could work as a beach dress or a Prom dress. It can easily be dressed up or down.


Pencil Dress in Floral

clothing,pink,dress,sleeve,pattern, Source: Pencil Dress In Floral
Although this dress looks like a beautiful spring dress, I think that with the long sleeves and warmer tones, it can easily be transitioned into the fall.


Taylor Swift's Floral

clothing,yellow,season,spring,dress, Source: eonline.com
Taylor Swift always looks perfect, and this dress is no exception.


Blush Dress

wedding dress,pink,clothing,dress,woman, Source: Mango | Mango Floral Hem
This dress is so romantic and pretty with the blush color and neutral floral.

What are your favorite floral dresses? Let me know in the comments!

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I loved Taylor Swift's dress!!!!

love it❤️

I love # 13. I would love to buy this dress.

Great ideas!

Dresses to 'fall' for this 'spring'. I laughed to hard at the unintentional pun

Love #1 & #6

All of these are so gorgeous and classy!

#3 and #4!!

#1 is a classic

Loved the prints and the cuts awesome collection

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