These Women in Taylor Swift's Squad May Be the Ultimate Style Inspo ...

Taylor Swift’s squad is seemingly endless, especially if you’re taking on the difficult task of keeping up with all of her special guests on her tour every night (I consider myself a super fan, and even I lose track of who’s been a special guest and by extension, a part of her squad). While her squad does seem to be pretty humongous, there are a few ladies who make up a tighter squad in her life. She spends all of her down time with them, invites them to be in her music videos, on her tour (both in-person and on-video) and everywhere in between. Somehow, Taylor’s friends all have the most amazing style, and these are the women in her squad who should be your style inspo!

1. Karlie Kloss

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I personally think that Karlie Kloss is going to be the biggest model of our generation. She has amazing, classic style that is sure to make her a style icon, and she’s recently started taking that to a whole new level with her YouTube channel, which highlights her fashion choices and taste so well!

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