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Things Guys Will Never Get about Bras ...

By Lucy

Have you ever thought about how many guys must have questions about bras or how many wonder what the deal is there? To be fair, it's not like guys will ever have to worry about bras so it's not surprising that there are some things they'll never get! Keep reading for 8 things guys will never understand about bras and don't forget to comment your thoughts! 😂 😛

1 Why They're so Expensive

Usually we're more than happy to pay a little extra (or even a lot extra) for a nice great quality bra, but guys, on the other hand, will never understand why we're not fussed about forking out a small fortune for a decent bra!

2 Why They Wear out so Quickly

Some guys seem to think that bras, like, last for a life time or something...where are they getting this idea from?! Just like any piece of clothing really, bras will wear out even quicker with frequent use. Still, guys may not ever understand this!

3 Why the Sizes Are so Confusing

As far as guys are concerned, there are only the usual sizes which include XS, S, M, L, XS...anything else baffles them! They'll always wonder how we can be multiple sizes for things like clothes and bras, as well as how we remember what we size we are for everything!

4 Why We Colour Match Bras to Outfits

A lot of guys will never understand what the big deal is around colour matching our bras with specific outfits. While we're busy trying to find the right match in our drawers, they'll be wondering what the big deal is and why we can't just match any bra with anything?!

5 What It's like to Wear Bras for Different Situations

Another thing guys will never get is what it's likes to have bras for different situations. They're used to only ever having underwear for every day wear - so anything for specific or special occasions like sports bras or lingerie only baffles them!

6 Why We're so Relieved to Take off Our Bra off at the End of the Day

Yep, we totally understand the relief of finally taking a bra off at the end of a long, hard day. Guys, however, will never get why we're so relieved, since they tend to think that it shouldn't be any different to taking off any other piece of clothing at the end of the day!

7 Why We Would Wear Something That Hurts

Most guys will choose comfort over anything else, so they simply don't get why we would choose to wear anything that cuts into our skin or anything that hurts generally speaking, such as the dreaded underwire! They probably think we're crazy for doing this - willingly!

8 How Strapless Bras Stay up

How do strapless bras actually stay up? How do you go out and not worry about it falling down at any point? These are just a few questions guys have when it comes to the miracle that is strapless bras!

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