Underwear Mistakes That Can Affect Your Intimate Health ...


Underwear Mistakes That Can Affect Your Intimate Health ...
Underwear Mistakes That Can Affect Your Intimate Health ...

Bet you didn't know that there are underwear mistakes that can affect your intimate health.

As women, there are almost too many things related to our health and beauty to keep up with, but something absolutely cannot be underestimated or ignored is our intimate health and hygiene. Unfortunately, some girls are faced with having more intimate health problems than others simply due to their biological makeup and things like pH balance, but there are lots of broad tips and rules to follows that can help prevent the risk of any unwanted issues arising. Lots of these tips are to do with your underwear, so here are the biggest underwear mistakes that can affect your intimate health.

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Not Changing after a Workout

One of the biggest underwear mistakes that can affect your intimate health is to wear sweaty underwear after you leave the gym. It’s really vital that you make the choice to swap your underwear after a moderate workout because there will be a lot of yeast and bacteria that grow in the dark, moist environment that is created. It might not be a desirable thing to think about, but sweaty briefs are a prime breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and fungi!


Wearing Fancy Fabrics

If you are prone to getting yeast infections, then you might want to steer clear of some of the posher, fancier materials that more expensive pairs of underwear are made from. Things like dense silk or friction promoting lace aren’t what you want. Breathable cotton underwear is a far better choice. You can compromise by finding pairs that are fancy on the outside but still have a cotton crotch.


Being Lazy about Laundry

We’ve all done it: seen an old pair of undies on the top of the laundry pile and grabbed them because they are the only resort at the time. The thing is, it might feel slightly more acceptable, but taking off and then putting back on a used pair of underwear is essentially the same as never taking them off in the first place, and you would definitely think twice before doing that!


Wearing Thongs

Come on, it’s not the 90s anymore. Sisqo isn’t around and we don’t need to be wearing thongs! Some woman believe that they are more hygienic simply because there is less material to cover your parts, but that isn’t the case. There is an increased risk of the transfer of E. Coli from your back to your front with a thong, thanks to the close and tight nature of the G string part. Just think about where the string goes and stays when you are sitting down for a couple of hours at a time at work!


Wearing the Wrong Size

Many of us tend to wear underwear that is too small for us without actually knowing it. If your underwear is leaving marks on your skin after you remove it, then it is too small, and the friction that this creates poses the threat of rashes, at best and infections at worst.


Washing in Scented Detergent

Don’t wash your underwear with a scented detergent. It might smell nice, but it can cause chemical reactions on your skin that can lead to horrible irritations and rashes.

Your underwear should be clean and comfy. Make sure it fits well. Wear liners if you’re prone to discharge.

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