8 Tips for a Ravishing Retro Look ...


8 Tips for a Ravishing Retro Look ...
8 Tips for a Ravishing Retro Look ...

Retro Look fashions are in with a vengeance. What's great is that “retro” means different things to different people. You might be interested in channeling bright '80s fashion, a timeless '50s look, or even a glamorous '20s flapper fashion. Your retro look is entirely up to you, it all depends on what era inspires you. However, there are a few universal staples you can use to get your own vintage appeal. For your viewing and fashion pleasure, here are some fantastic tips for a ravishing retro look!

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Choose Your Era

First and foremost, you have to choose which retro look you like best – and which suits you best. Do you love flapper fashion from the 1920s? Are you into the mod look from the '60s? Maybe you want to be a modern day Flower Child. Whatever the case, familiarize yourself with your favorite era – not just the fashion, but the culture and the music too, because anything worth doing is worth doing all the way through.


Pick Your Muse

To get a vintage look, you need a muse. Who's your fashion icon? If you're into pinup couture, you might love Bettie Page. For '60s mod, think about Twiggy. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin, Madonna – or anyone else. Your fashion muse doesn't have to be a model, an actress, or a musician. It can be anyone who best represents the era you love – even your mother or your grandmother.


Shop Everywhere

When you're finding pieces for your retro look, leave no stone unturned. You can find modern made vintage pieces in today's regular stores. However, if you want to keep it all authentic, check out consignment shops, the Salvation Army, and other vintage boutiques. However, be sure to explore garage and yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and things like that as well. Keep an eye out for the unusual.


Find the Right Jewelry

Every style has its own set of jewelry. Flappers had their knotted pearls, '70s Flower Children had their braided bracelets and love beads, '80s girls had lots of bangles. Don't forget about your jewelry – sometimes that can make or break a retro style.


Research Your Accessories

Needless to say, accessories are an important part of any retro look. Here, I'm talking about things like hats, sunglasses, and things of that nature. Maybe you need a cloche hat. Maybe Jackie O sunglasses would work better with your look.


Get the Look

Every era also has its own signature makeup styles. Know whether your favorite retro fashion relied on dark winged eyeliner, frosty eye shadow, saucy red lip, or eyelashes to die for. You may not want to be like Flo and wear the look every day of life, but know how to do it up right for evenings out and special occasions.


Do Your 'do

Similarly, you have to make sure your hair looks right with your retro look. You might not want to go all the way with a short bob or a crop, but you can still draw inspiration from the hairstyles of your favorite era. I would not, however, recommend bringing back the wings of the '70s, the tease of the '80s, or any kind of beehives. Settle for a Bump-It!


Mix It up

Finally, make sure you integrate your own personal style into any retro fashions. You have to let your individualism shine through. Make it work for you, and let modern meet vintage in a gorgeous way!

I love a well put together retro look, no matter what era it represents. Feel free to mix vintage and modern fashions, and to make your retro look work with your own personal style. Remember, even when you're going with something retro and vintage, fashion is all about expressing your individuality, so make it yours! What's your favorite retro look to emulate?

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