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7 Ways to Style Sheer Clothing for Winter ...

By Sophia

How To Wear Sheer Clothing for winter can be a tricky thing to ponder. Sheer shirts and dresses were popular during the height of summer, but come winter and they are the least bit practical. However, all is not lost as there are a few ingenious ways that you can style your sheer clothing for winter. When it comes to how to wear sheer clothing, the key is to layer. Get inspired by the following tips on how to wear sheer clothing in winter.

1 Sheer Dresses over Long Sleeved Knits

If you have a pretty sheer dress, make it winter weather appropriate by wearing long sleeved tops underneath. When looking at how to wear sheer clothing this way, choose a turtleneck or a knit top in a similar colour to the dress. This look works especially well with dresses with plunging necklines or wrap-effect fronts. Just make sure your layers underneath are fitted, to complement the flowing sheer fabric.

2 Sheer Skirts with Thick Socks and Boots

Style your midi to maxi length skirts with a pair of thick chunky socks and boots. The socks and shoes trend is still popular, and this season the look is to scrunch down your thick socks over the top of your boots. If it’s extra chilly, you might have to wear a pair of tights underneath as well.

3 Sheer Blouses and Faux Fur Vests

The faux fur vest is a great way of working this season’s boho/rock-chic trend. A long-sleeved button-up blouse would look great worn with jeans and with a longline faux fur vest. Top the look off with a floppy felt hat and lace-up ankle boots.

4 Sheer Maxi Skirts with Sporty Sweaters

The sport luxe look is one that is becoming increasingly popular. Update your sheer maxi skirt by teaming it with a classic round-neck fleece sweater. A pastel pink skirt teamed with a heather grey sweater is equal parts chic and sporty. Complete the look by putting your hair up into a high bun. If your legs are still cold, get cheeky and wear a pair of warm skin-coloured tights underneath.

5 Longline Sheer Blouses under Chunky Knits

A hint of sheer fabric peeking out from under a cable knit jumper is one subtle way of bringing your sheer clothing into winter. If you’re wearing a button-up blouse, adjust the collar so that it’s peeking out from the top of the knit. This is an easy way to work sheer into your wardrobe, and one of the most versatile.

6 Darker Coloured Sheer Fabrics

Light neutral and pastel colours are very summer-centric, so make your sheer winter clothing season-appropriate by choosing darker coloured fabrics. Deep wine colours are a popular choice for right now. Team them with a colour palette of blacks and greys, or add a bit of colour in the form of mustard-yellow hues.

7 Sheer Sleeves on Sweaters

Now, this look is probably best suited to milder winter climates. You may have noticed a trend for two-toned sweaters where the sleeves have been replaced with a different fabric. The most common combination is leather and fleece. However, sheer inserts are a unique take on the trend. DIY this look by cutting the sleeves off of a fleece sweater and layering over a long-sleeved sheer shirt.

These are just a few tips for how to wear sheer clothing this winter. Layer your sheer clothes underneath sweaters, or layer them over fitted knits. Do you have any tips for how to wear sheer clothing in winter?

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