7 Ways to Style Sheer Clothing for Winter ...


How To Wear Sheer Clothing for winter can be a tricky thing to ponder. Sheer shirts and dresses were popular during the height of summer, but come winter and they are the least bit practical. However, all is not lost as there are a few ingenious ways that you can style your sheer clothing for winter. When it comes to how to wear sheer clothing, the key is to layer. Get inspired by the following tips on how to wear sheer clothing in winter.

1. Sheer Dresses over Long Sleeved Knits

If you have a pretty sheer dress, make it winter weather appropriate by wearing long sleeved tops underneath. When looking at how to wear sheer clothing this way, choose a turtleneck or a knit top in a similar colour to the dress. This look works especially well with dresses with plunging necklines or wrap-effect fronts. Just make sure your layers underneath are fitted, to complement the flowing sheer fabric.

Sheer Skirts with Thick Socks and Boots