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When it comes to buying a bra, there are so many women who may THINK they know what they are doing, but in reality they are clueless and could actually use some good tips for buying a bra. Bras are an important part of your outfit, and not because they are "sexy" and "cute," but because they give a good foundation. A bra is responsible for the stability, support, shape and placement of a woman's breasts, or rather how she wants all of these factors to appear. And a bra can also aid in the health of your breasts! The wrong bra can make your back ache and your breasts wrinkle pre-maturely. Are you ready for some pro tips for buying these necessary undergarments? Keep on reading my article on 7 tips for buying a bra and you will be in the know for what YOUR breasts need in a bra!

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Get a Professional Fitting

The first thing that you can do when you go to buy a bra is to get a professional fitting! Many women are wearing the wrong size and they don't even know it. By getting a professional fitting you will know exactly what size you need. Many stores offer free fittings, and especially if you purchase a bra from them! Just ask! It won't hurt anything! FYI, you can leave your bra on during a fitting so don't modesty stand in your way!


Check the Back Band

Did you know that the back band of your bra provides 90% of the support? This is one tip for buying a bra you should remember! Check the back band for support. The ideal fit should be firm and tight, yet comfortable. When the back band is too loose, it will rise up, causing your breasts to sag and emphasizing unsightly back fat.


Avoid Bras with No Underwire

I know I myself have been guilty of purchasing soft, non-underwire bras because of their comfort. But the problem with these types of bras is that they offer no support! An underwire bra can be just as comfortable as a non-underwire, you just need to find the proper fit. In fact, most bigger busted women find that an underwire bra IS more comfortable because it provides the support they need. So don't hesitate to toss your old softy bras and replace them with strong underwire ones!


Cough up the Ca$h

I know, I know, this is one tip for buying a bra that none of us want to hear. But the truth is, you get what you pay for! Sometimes you can find good sales or offers, and when you do, stock up! But don't sit around and wait for that magical moment. Fork up the cash to pay for a few good bras that will last you a long time. You and your breasts will be much better cared for and satisfied! Some of my favorite brands are Victoria's Secret, Ambrielle, and Vanity Fair.


Find YOUR Perfect Fit

Don't buy a bra just because your friend raves about it. Maybe it is a great bra-for her! Different breasts have different needs. Even though all bras come in a range of sizes, each breast is shaped and formed uniquely. If you have full breasts, you need coverage and support, so a demi bra won't be your best bet. And the opposite is true. If you have small breasts, you aren't going to need a bra with maximum coverage. Find YOUR perfect fit!


Always Try It on

This is the number one tip for buying a bra that I can give you. Always, always, ALWAYS try your bra on before you purchase it! Even if you know your size, or have bought a bra in the same brand before, try it on! Although a bra is the same brand as one you have purchased before, different styles will fit differently. You don't want to be stuck with a bra you can't wear, so just take 5 minutes and try it on!


Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Don't sacrifice comfort, service and style because you were too embarrassed to ask for help! That's what the sales associate is there for, to offer you assistance! So take advantage of it and walk away a winner. I'm sure that if you just ask, the salesperson will be more than happy to help you and to offer you plenty of tips for buying a bra!

I hope that after reading my article on tips for buying a bra, you realize just how important it is to find the right fit for your body and breast type! One more tip to leave you with in closing is to also consider color. You don't want a bra that shows through everything you wear! Please comment below if you have any tips of your own to share on buying a bra! For instance, what's your favorite kind to wear?

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When the back band is too loose, it will rise up, causing your breasts to sag and emphasizing unsightly back fat. I agree with this view so much.

omw it was so funny yesterday I went into a store with a friend, and after browsing through the gorgeous Marc Jacobs underwear, plucked up the courage and went over to a lady standing in the corner, looking very official, and asked her to help me out with a fitting etc. After spewing out this long list of what I was looking for, my budget, style preferences and more, she politely coughed and said, "Sorry dearie, you'll have to ask someone who works here." I felt like such an idiot XD

I just got the BEST bra from Cacique! Not to be TMI, but it got rid of the whole quadri-boob issue and honestly feels like it was handcrafted by bra experts just for me. I could sleep in this thing, it's so awesome.

I heard that Victoria's Secret sells really good bras. I've never tried them, though.

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