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So it's almost swimsuit season. Ugh. The last few summers, I've made due with my suit, simply because I really haven't wanted to go buy another one. I hate it – hate it! I know there has to be easier ways of doing this, so I decided to check out the most important things to consider when buying swimsuits – and in the spirit of sisterhood, I'm sharing them with you!

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One Size

Chuh. This is definitely one of the most crucial things to consider when buying swimsuits. That whole One Size Fits All nonsense might work for a coverup or something, but not for the suit itself. No way, honey. Never believe a bathing suit that tries to convince you it fits everybody. It lies.


Measure Carefully

For that reason, you have to have your measurements. It's not even enough to know what size you wear in lingerie and clothing, because swimsuits are entirely different. You need to measure your bust, your waist, and your hips to find a suit that truly fits and, most of all, flatters. You can do it yourself or with a friend – my preferred method, because I do not ever want a saleslady measuring me, no, no way. Never. Not happening.


Size It up

Sizing is but one of the things to consider when buying swimsuits. Discovering your correct measurements is just one part of the process. To figure out just the right size, it will actually depend on what style of swimsuit you want to buy, and which brand manufacturers it. They all have different sizing requirements and measurements, so remember that when you are looking at different choices.


The Right Type

Naturally, you have to choose just the right type of swimsuit. There are many ways to come up with this, most of which revolve around discovering your body type. The type of suit you want also depends on what kind of swimming or activity you plan to do. You don't need something hugely functional, for example, if you spend all your time lounging, but you need something hardy if you will be swimming competitively.


Seek Support

No matter what, support is one of the most important things to consider when buying swimsuits. Especially if you have a larger bust, you need something with plenty of support, typically in the way of underwire and halter style suits. If you want to look slimmer, look for a 1950s style suit, which has panels.


A Super Shape

The shape of your suit in connection with the shape of your body is very important. If you have a long torso, you need an elongated suit. If you have a small bust, try a suit that has embellishments and detailing around the chest area. If you have larger hips and a fuller waist, stay away from the boy short style of suit.


Phenomenal Fabric

Fabrics and colors are also important considerations. Anything too bright or metallic should be avoided if you are fuller figured. Darker colors are great for a slimming effect. You want to avoid fabric that is too thin, because it might be translucent when it gets wet.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when buying swimsuits. If you follow these tips, the ordeal won't be nearly as frustrating. How do you handle buying a new bathing suit for the summer?

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